Chat with Singer-Songwriter David Ellis about his debut album Misty Heights

When did you first start exploring your spiritual side?
I think I’ve always been aware of this side of myself.

How does music connect with your spirituality for you?
I think in the same way that ancient tribes would use rhythm to trance themselves into alternate states of mind, Music is a very potent vessel to these other worlds. You can discover a lot of things about yourself in that place.

What was your first spiritual experience?
As a child I remember sometimes I would sit in stillness and I was aware my senses would disappear and my mind would swirl into eternity. It was many years later I realised I was basically meditating!

I hear that your new album is interlinked with a reading. Could you tell more?
It was not so much a reading but actually a ceremony which was the turning point in my life that resulted in these songs. I was experiencing an internal crisis at the time, I was in a pretty dark place, this resulted in me taking part in an Ayahuasca ceremony where I experienced a whole new perspective on life with such a profound clarity.

What do you want to get across with your album? Is there a message? A certain way you want listeners to feel?
Though I wish for it to inspire I try not to be didactic in my words or in my subject, all I can really comment on is what inspired me to write it.

What are your goals going forward, musically and spiritually?
At the moment I am trying to rid myself of all my addictions. I am travelling through Europe and writing more at the moment, I have been all around but settled in Belgium for now, there’s some wonderful musicians here and some beautiful places. I plan on recording another album very soon.


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