How A Psychic Can Help You Unblock Your Creativity

Some people are more creatively talented than others, and we tend to put them on a pedestal. But the truth is that each and every one of us is creative. Human nature is determined by creativity more than anything else. We find meaning in being creative, whether that creativity is in our work, hobbies, or the way we relate to others.

Many of us are creatively blocked, however, and may not even be aware of our creativity. This is often because creativity was undermined or under-valued by parents, teachers, or bullies. Maybe you had a drawing criticized by a well-meaning adult, or maybe a sibling found your diary and laughed at what you had written.

The good news is that you can unblock your creativity, and a psychic can help. Just make sure you get a well-reviewed and respected psychic from There are too many scammers out there to be nonchalant about it.

Here is how a psychic can help you unblock your creativity.

Identify your creative “monsters”

At various points in your life, certain “monsters” blocked your creativity. They were probably not at all malicious, and maybe had your best intentions at heart. Many parents, for example, worry that if they encourage creativity, their children won’t find well-paying careers.

However, to your inner creative child, these events are remembered as monstrous. The individuals who caused the blockage are terrifying to that child, which is probably why you find those instances so hard to remember or think about.

A psychic can help you identify those monsters. They can help you go back in time, into your psyche, and reframe the triggering incidents. Instead of seeing them as terrifying moments from your history, you can start to see them for what they are – irrelevant to who you have become.

Live alternate lives

Every single person could have taken a range of directions in their lives. A good psychic will help you see all the potential lives you could have lived. They will help you identify which of these lives you would have liked to live and which of these lives you are particularly averse to. Then they can help you live the lives you want to.

This obviously does not mean they are going to completely change the course of your life as it is now. That is not usually a desirable outcome. However, what they will do is bring aspects of those alternate lives into the life you are living.

For example, maybe in an alternate life you would have been a musician. Just because you did not pursue that dream does not make it impossible to become a musician. You are unlikely to work as a musician or become a popstar, but you can learn to play an instrument or write songs and incorporate that aspect of yourself into a fulfilling creative life.

Everyone I have ever encountered has a number of unlived lives. They may not yet know about the imaginary lives they have internalized, but a psychic can help uncover that information, bringing you closer to reaching your full creative potential.