How Many Calories Should You Eat Per Day to Lose Weight

Good question! Calories are the small units of energy that you consume and are arguably the most talked-about part of weight loss and healthy eating. In short, calories are the unit that measures the energy content of foods and beverages.

The Rule of Thumb:

Keep in mind that if you consume more calories than you use, as a result, you’ll obtain weight, if you consume fewer calories than you use, as a result,  you’ll lose weight. And if these numbers are pretty much same, then you have an ideal weight. You have to consume fewer calories to get rid of excess flab.

No doubt, it is complicated if you don’t have an idea about your caloric counter. Well, give a read to this post to know how to figure out how many calories you have to need to consume to lose weight.

How to Figure Out Your Caloric Counter:

It is true that weight loss can be an intimidating challenge but it becomes easy when you start tracking your calorie needs. Calories also work as fuel energy that you going to use in your regular activities.  Well, according to many experts you have to use a weight loss calculator to track your daily calorie needs, this weight calculator tells you about the actual calories demands you have to consume to accomplish weight objective. The legitimate source of provided the simple and best gadget of weight loss planner to track your calorie counter.

What Are The Recommendations?

A normal woman should consume about 2000 calories a day to keep up, and 1500 calories to lose 1 pound of weight per week. Normal man needs 2500 calories to keep up, and 2,000 to reduce 1 pound of weight per week.

But this depends upon numerous factors. Included in these are height, age, current weight, activity levels, metabolic health and lots of others.

500 Calories a Day:

If you decided to lose a pound, then there is a need to burn an extra 3,500 calories. There you need a 500 calorie daily deficit to lose a pound within a week. So, for the ease of weight loss, you have to utilize a weight loss calculator to get rid of excess pounds.

Reaching Your Weight Goal:

The given ways might work for you in the objective of weight loss!

  • Consume 1,300 (100 extra) calories a day and add a walk in your daily routine – it is the best way to burn the extra 700 calories per week
  • Eat up 1400 (200 extra) calories every day. And you have to add HIIT exercise into a daily routine twice per week and 30 minute walks through the week since it will help you to burn off the Additional 1,400 calories per Week
  • Eat up 1500 (300 excess) calories. Now you must add 45 minutes of moderate to vigorous workout for your everyday schedule since it helps burn up the additional 2100 energy each week

So, utilize weight calculator to figure out your daily caloric counter and add exercise in your daily routine to get rid of extra pounds.

At The Beginning of Weight Loss Program:

Focus on your daily caloric counter with the ease of weight loss planner and adopt the following:

  • Set Practical Goals
  • Quick Rule of Thumb on Calories
  • Diet & Exercise
  • Do Exercise As a Fun
  • Beware of Sugar
  • Sleep Well
  • Don’t Skip Breakfast
  • Drink Plenty of Water

More About Calories:

Yes, your total calorie intake does matter for weight reduction, and there is no doubt that all calories are not created equal. The calories that you consume form nutritious food sources will help you to feel full longer, improve your well-being, and provide fuel for your daily activity.

So, What Are The Healthy Foods?

Many experts recommend that you’ll have to fill your plate with the following:

  • You have to consume a variety of colorful vegetables like leafy salad greens, bright peppers, crunchy carrots or radishes. Get flavors that you are more likely to eat
  • Consume lean meats like chicken and fish. There are only a few individuals who enjoy red meat in moderation.
  • You have to intake enough fiber through the sources of healthy whole grain sources like oatmeal, whole grain bread or crackers, whole rye, quinoa
  • It is most important to intake whole fruits rather than fruit juices or fruit flavored snacks
  • Consume small servings of nuts, seeds, and other sources of healthy fats to get rid of that excess flab
  • Water for thirst is best for weight reduction instead of sports drinks, sweetened tea, or sodas

Diet Chart:

Best Foods for Weight Loss:

  • Lean Meat
  • Fish
  • Dry Fruits and Nuts
  • Skimmed Milk
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables

Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss:

  • Frozen Foods
  • Sugary Drinks
  • White Bread
  • High-Calorie Drinks
  • Pasta
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Processed foods and drinks

Tips for Burning Energy & Losing Weight:

Follow these tips and lose weight more effectively:

  • There is no need to skip breakfast and consume protein & healthy fat breakfast to get rid of extra pounds
  • Eat regular meals “skip starving”
  • You ought to intake slow-burning calories and keep the focus on high-fiber carbohydrates and healthy fats
  • Exercise is imperatively important for weight reduction, add exercise on your daily schedule as it is the great approach that helps you to burn off extra calories
  • You ought to stay hydrated, drink enough amount of water as it is good for your overall health as well as for weight reduction”
  • Avoid alcohol, sodas, or sports drinks “as these are the rich sources of calories”
  • Eat up fiber “whole grain is the best source of fiber like whole wheat, whole oats/oatmeal, whole-grain corn, millet, buckwheat, brown rice, quinoa, sorghum ”
  • There is a need to get enough sleep
  • Avoid eating 2 hours before bed “you ought to consume your dinner maximum 3 hours before going to bed”