How a Break-up with Alcohol Helped Me to Heal from Depression?

By Johny Kershaws

A lot of people take alcohol to feel alive and relieve themselves of stress. And usually, it is taken during either physically or emotionally stressful state, like a bad breakup, getting fired from a job, and so on. People get to indulge more in it because it makes them feel better for the moment, and they get to sleep while taking their minds off the stress. While alcohol itself is not harmful, constantly indulging in it could lead to abuse and addiction, which will then be harmful.

There is a strong link between alcohol and depression, as a lot of depressed people hide under the guise of taking alcohol to heal. Meanwhile, it never works that way; it is usually a quick fix to the problem and doesn’t take the problem away. Once you are sober, you are back to where you left off. On the flip side, too much alcohol could also make you depressed. You are more likely to make rash decisions when you have taken alcohol in excess and as a result, do something you might regret later on that could make you depressed. This would lead to more alcohol, which only worsens the case.

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Moreover, contrary to the opinion that alcohol helps your depression, breaking up with it could help you heal from depression. Here is how it helped me heal from depression:

1. I Started to Live My Life.

Long-term drinking of alcohol could make you rely on it and ignore other important aspects of your life. Breaking up with it has made me more present in my life than ever, being aware of my environment and how best I can benefit from the people and things around me. Alcohol affected the brain and altered how I lived my life and now is the time to change that and live my life just as I should and not under the influence of alcohol. Also, considering that alcohol has been linked to many health conditions like heart and liver disease, lung problems and possibly, cancer, breaking free means I am increasing my lifespan and have a lesser risk of having these conditions.

2. I Started Looking Fresh and Younger.

Alcohol contains toxins that detoxify the body, and heavy drinking would mean heavy detoxification. This could make you look dehydrated and older. In addition, is the health conditions that come with it and could make you closer to your death bed. However, since I stopped drinking, I noticed I was looking less dehydrated and younger. My skin was no longer looking worn but rather, supple, and now, I am confident in my skin and can boast of a fresh and young look.

3. I Have Lost Weight.

Heavy drinking of alcohol has been linked to weight gain, as it not only gives you extra calories but also increases your appetite to eat more. Since I stopped drinking, I noticed I had lost weight and that’s enough to keep me happy and positive.

4. My Relationship and Communication Were Improved.

Rather than relying on alcohol to keep me alive and happy, I now focus on building relationships with other people to fill the vacuum. I have noticed that it helped build my relationship and communication with others. Now, rather than indulge in heavy drinking to deal with depression momentarily, I talk it out with people around me.

5. My Mental Health Was Improved.

Alcohol affects the body in many ways, including the physical, mental, and social state. In the long run, excessive drinking could cause damage to mental health. Breaking free from alcohol has helped me feel better mentally, as it now has no control over my thoughts, feelings, and actions.

6. I Had Fewer Mood Swings.

When you take alcohol, the synapses in your brain slows down and your serotonin levels, which are your mood hormones, are affected. So, you would realize that your mood is being tampered with and you could switch from a high to a low state in split seconds. Since I stopped taking alcohol, there was literally no reason to have quick switches in my mood.

7. Of Course, I Have Saved a Lot of Money.

Apart from the fact that I don’t get to spend on buying more alcoholic drinks, I now have lesser risks of alcohol-related medical conditions, which means lesser medical expenses. Putting all these together, I have actually saved a lot.

If you rely on alcohol to live, to be happy and to be free, then you need to break free from it as soon as possible. This will help you heal and change your life, just like mine.