How to Increase your Sense of Wellbeing

Wellbeing is how happy and healthy we are, both physically and mentally. Most of us will have some areas of our general well-being and wellness that we can improve upon in order to make our lives better. Having a low sense of well-being affects everything we do, from how we feel throughout our day to how we cope with the challenges that come with life. If you are looking for ways to improve your health and increase your well-being, this guide gives you some tips.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating foods that are good for us not only nourishes our bodies, but it makes us feel good about ourselves too.

Eat a diet that incorporates a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and proteins to give you the right amounts of all the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy, happy, and well. When you eat properly, it helps support your immune system, meaning you are less likely to pick up viruses and colds, and it helps to keep you looking good too!

It’s important to always choose fresh foods over processed, as processed foods often contain more sugars, additives and other chemicals that can be harmful to health.

Having a healthy eating plan will help you to work out what meals to cook during the week, and what healthy snacks to have, and this will help you stick to your eating goals.

Exercise Regularly

Making an effort to exercise regularly can transform your health and wellbeing for the better. Exercise helps your body to flush out toxins that are expelled through sweat, it improves lung and heart health and helps you to lose weight if you need to (and want to).

Exercise also benefits our mental state too, by releasing happy hormones (known as endorphins), and serotonin that elevates our moods and lowers our sense of pain.

Try to do some exercise daily that leaves your heart pumping and you feeling temporarily out of breath. It could be a brisk walk, a ten-minute jog, or a few laps of your local swimming pool. Choose a form of exercise that you enjoy, so you are more likely to keep up with it. It also helps if you have a friend to exercise with, as you can hold each other accountable.

Develop Your Inner Being

Your mental outlook is the lens through which you view the world, so in order tohave a good sense of well-being,you need to make sure that lens is a happy and healthy one.

Takes steps to let go of any negative thoughts that hold you back, and see yourself for what you are. There are relaxation techniques that can help you get closer to your inner being, such as meditation.

Daily meditation is beneficial to your health and well-being, as it calms the mind and brings focus on the present moment. Meditation can be a journey of self discovery that helps you to feel energized, improves your ability to solve problems and tackle any issue in your life with positivity.

Understand Your Emotions

Too often we try to protect ourselves from the negative emotions we feel, and this can have the opposite effect and do more harm than good. For example, we might begin to compensate by comfort eating or other unhealthy habits, or we might develop anxiety or depression.

To prevent this, we should all make the effort just to allow ourselves to feel the emotions we feel, and accept them. Once we allow ourselves to be fully present in our emotions, negative feelings pass more quickly, and you’ll begin to view things in a more positive way than you once did.


Spending time with friends and loved ones is also a key part in having positive well-being, so even if you are very busy with work or other commitments, make the time to connect with someone special every day.

Socializing brings health benefits such as improving mood. Plus, having healthy connections with others may even lower the risk of dementia when you get older.


Those with a good sense of well-being are people who look inward from time to time and evaluate where they are on a variety of scales, such as personal health, wealth, social life and happiness. When you focus your attention in this way, it helps you to see what you are doing well and what is lacking.

It is a good idea to set yourself some goals that take you out of your comfort zone, as this is what helps us to grow. For example, you might decide to talk to the stranger you see every day on the bus, to find a more challenging job, or to learn a new skill. When you achieve your goal of pushing yourself a little, it affirms that you are capable of more than you think and helps increase happiness and well-being.

Change Negative Influences

We all have things in our lives that sometimes make us feel unhappy, drained or stressed, and to increase your sense of well-being, you need to work out what they are and how you can remove them.

For example, you might hate your job but feel stuck there, too afraid to make the move to change. Or, perhaps you have a relationship that is unhealthy, having a detrimental effect on your happiness or quality of life. Sometimes, we just need the courage to do something about it. So, look carefully at your life to see what those negative influences are, and how you can change things for the better.

Your sense of well-being is important as it affects your happiness. When we feel happy, it shows in everything we do, and in turn,we make other people aroundus happier too. There are small changes you can make right now to increase your well-being, so don’t wait! Then you can gradually make the bigger changes you need to enhance your life even more. Learn how to care for yourself both physically and emotionally, and see the positive effects it has on all areas of life.