10 ways relaxation can benefit you

If you are greatly in love with your work this is surely going to help you to climb the ladder of success faster than anyone else. You’ll be a role model at to many. There’ll be a hefty pay cheque coming your way.

But in the middle of all this chaos, do you feel lethargic from time to time? Do you feel like your body is giving up on you? Well, this is maybe because you are overburdening yourself with work and everything.

Relax! Being hardworking and dynamic is necessary, but so is relaxation. Even your high configuration laptop is going to get overheated if you run it for too long. You have to let it cool down.

So let’s take a look at all the health benefits that come along with relaxation.

  1. Relaxation for your Heart

It’s now widely accepted that excess stress can take a toll on your heart. You’ll have increased blood pressure, palpitation and what not.

Relaxing allows your heart to take a break from all tiresome emotions. It allows your stress to pass away. So, take care of your heart. Relax a bit and disconnect yourself from the world of chaos for some time.

  1. Relaxation protects you from a Cold

Sounds weird right? But it’s true. Psychologists have concluded that prolonged stress increases your chances of catching a cold and it’s only going to make things worse for you.

A recent research has discovered that excess stress diminishes your body’s ability to fight inflammation. The end result-your body becomes more and more vulnerable.

So relaxing can help your body a fight against different kinds of distresses including cold.

  1. Relaxation Helps to Enhance your Memory

Relaxation helps the prefrontal cortex to remain stress-free. This is the part of the brain which enables us to conduct cognitive thinking.

Researchers closely observed mice and discovered that stress often affects their memory as well as learning ability. The same consequences are expected to happen as far as the human brain is concerned.

So if you don’t want your brain to get struck by the “Jason Bourne syndrome” all of a sudden, relaxation is the key.

  1. Relaxation protects you from Stroke

A study shows that relaxation helps to reduce the probability of stroke significantly. It helps the human brain to stay calm and focused.

A large number of people were found to be under far greater risk of suffering from brain stroke who lived a stressful life.

  1. Relaxation is your Defense against Depression

Did you know that Japan has one of the highest rates of suicide? Being one of the biggest economies of the world, Japanese people are renowned for their lavish lifestyle. Yet, what exactly makes their people so prone to suicide?

The answer is clear and simple- depression. The Japanese are widely known for their long working hours. While this might have helped their economy grow, the mental health of the general people, however, paid the ultimate price.

Lack of relaxation has led to serious depression among thousands of Japanese people and across the world. Eventually, it led to innumerable suicides.

  1. Relaxation Helps with Decision Making

A relaxed mind is a calm mind. A calm person is more eligible to take correct decisions. How many hot heads have you seen in your life to be truly successful? Few.

So if you want to be an excellent decision maker, you need to have a calm mind. And it can only be ensured through relaxation.

  1. Relaxing helps you to Avoid Gaining Weight

When we’re under excess stress, we begin to panic and often depression gets the better of us. Many people have the tendency of overeating to release their stress i.e. stress-eating. Result? Excessive weight gain!

So chill. This is not only essential for your heart and mind, but for your overall physical state as well.

  1. Relaxing Helps to Reduce Acne

Excess stress is one of the common sources of acne. It is found that under stress, our skin produces excess oil which often leads to acne.

So make sure that you’re making more “me times” to cool your head. Don’t let stress get the better of you. This will surely help you to fight acne as well.

  1. Relaxation helps you to be in a Better Mood

Quite obvious isn’t it? When you’re relaxing, naturally you’ll be in good mood. Everything will feel positive and comforting.

Being relaxed will also help you enhance productivity, improving your performance.

Have you seen those grumpy faces that are never in a good mood? Well, the only reason for that is- they’re never relaxing. They’re always tensed and stressed out. Don’t be one of them.

  1. Relaxing Helps to Improve your Interpersonal Skills

When you’re relaxed, you’re all calm and serene. You can think clearly and strategically. At your relaxed state, you’ll find yourself being cooperative and humble towards others.

This is definitely going to help you to have better relations with others- both at work and home. Often stress can lead to psychological outbursts which only leads to an awkward moment.

This will clearly affect your personal and professional relationship with others.


So relax, relax and relax. Don’t let yourself get overburdened by stress and all kinds of negativity. There’ll always be time to work hard and take all the challenges coming your way.

But time to time, you just need to sit down and relax. Hang out with your friends or listen to some music. Hit the road for a long drive. Get away from all the chaos.

Get a recliner for your home where you can sit and relax after a hard day’s work. This will surely help you to get all charged up for the next day.

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