Why Learning Music Is No Longer a Daydream

Somehow listening to music while attending to the most mind-numbing tasks makes it all worthwhile. And we’ve all experienced that urge to perform the guitar solo for our favorite song. Or maybe you’ve noticed your fingers tapping along to the piano while you waited for your download. Amazing isn’t it? Those two seconds of pretend where you produced a magnificent piece of music for the entire world to hear? And just who said it had to say pretend?

With today’s innovations and the powerful reach of the internet, it seems there are no limits to what we can achieve. And given the right tools and steady motivation, your dreams of playing an instrument can become a reality!

Tutors at Your Fingertips:

Learning music is not easy. But it can become that much less difficult with the right teacher. Ten maybe fifteen years ago, you might have had to scour the land (or your neighborhood) searching for the right teacher. Someone nice, someone patient and someone available. Not to mention someone willing to take you on and someone affordable of course. And let’s not even get into trying to fit the music classes into your everyday schedule. Or rather fitting your entire life around your music lessons.

But thanks to the technology we have available today you can peruse whole lists of available tutors. And if you decide to take a break from your music then that’s not a problem. Because you can come back after a while and your music tutor can just take things from the top!

Sharing Your Journey:

The most difficult subject in school always felt the easiest because you had your friends to help you. If you’re just starting your musical journey you can share it online and find other amateur musicians who are maybe struggling in the same places you are. Finding a support group to fall back on for your problems is now just a few clicks away as the internet continues to bring people closer together.

An Ever Available Source of Guidance:

If you know anyone that can play an instrument ask them how difficult it can be to secure an audience to sit in for every practice piece. And even if you can beg your family to attend one of your mini concerts most of the time the critique you get are in the form of praises only for the parts where you were good. Maybe they don’t want to hurt your feelings by bringing up your short-comings. But most of the times they don’t have the technical training to tell you if you were off or the places where you could improve.

Nowadays, however, you can just upload your practice piece and over time you’ll find that there plenty of people willing to listen and critique your work. Knowing the internet, a lot of it might just be people trying to be funny. But you can also find genuinely enthusiastic people willing to help you improve.

Think of the Money You’ve Saved:

Learning and even playing music can be very expensive. Let’s add the cost of the instruments, the equipment required to fine tune your pieces to the money you would have to pay your music teacher. And already you begin thinking of a more affordable passion to pursue.

But now all you need is to find the best piano plungins that arecompatible with your computer and you are ready to go. And you don’t even have to settle for the available option that often comes with an unreasonable price. You can compare and try out different plugins until you find the one that is right for you. Especially since most of them are free.

All the Time in the World:

Welcome to a world where you no longer have to reorder your life to accommodate your practice schedule. Are you finding a hard time getting in a lesson in the morning? That’s fine. You can do it in the afternoon. Are you really a night person? Not a problem. Just finish up the rest of your chores, make yourself a hot cup of coffee and settle in for a satisfying jam session.

In a world where your music teacher can be reached at any time and anywhere you get to decide when to have your music lesson. And even whether you feel like having the same lesson over and over until you’ve got it right.

State of The Art Equipment:

Say you’ve mastered your music lessons and you’re friends and fans are cheering you on to write your own music. So you sit down to write your original songs but where do you record them? And don’t you need really expensive equipment to tune it? Not anymore. Now all the equipment you could need is available in a digital format and free!

You can just download the different software you need to record and arrange your music and start your very own studio in your bedroom.

A World Stage:

You don’t even have to worry about making multiple copies of your songs to send to record companies in the hopes that they will hear you. All you have to do is share your music online for the world stage and wait for the record companies to come to you. And if you have the talent then they will come to you.

And if you don’t find a big record label to back you then you can just produce your music yourself! In today’s world, an artist is not limited by the lack of a big label. Go ahead! Keep producing your music for free online and build your fan base. Pay forward a bit of what you have received for free from the internet. And earn thousands of fans in the progress.

The Sky Is The Limit:

Thanks to the same innovation that helped you achieve your musical dream there is no end to what you can create. You can start your own music channel, or you can turn out music tutorials. Maybe even offer critique and consultancy to other up and coming artists or even produce their music from your channel. The only limit is your imagination.

In Conclusion:

Music is the purest form of energy and inspiration. It allows us to share our favorite memories and bond over mutual experiences. Listening to good music is like taking a deep breath of clean air. Perhaps the only thing better is making music. Putting notes that float around in your head onto a piece of paper. And then finding the right instrument to help the broken sounds in your head become a symphony. Learning how to play a musical instrument is nowhere near as difficult and expensive as it used to seem. All you need to do is reach out and find the right place to help you achieve your dream.


  1. Ricky Martin says:

    Music is the purest form of energy and inspiration. Nowadays learning music is very difficult but with the help of right person you can make it easy and can achieve your dream.

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