Benefits of meditation on personal development and spiritual growth

1.Distracts from negative thoughts

One benefit of meditation is that it distracts us from our negative thoughts. Often times throughout the day, we think that same negative thoughts over and over again without even realizing it. Since the purpose of meditation is to help us quiet our mind, meditation can usually distract us from our negative thoughts and help us experience stillness, at least temporarily. The stillness that we experience during meditation can be carried throughout the day and give us relief from some of our negative thoughts.

2. Connects us with our authentic Self

One of the spiritual benefits of meditation is that it connects us to our authentic Self. Some people may refer to this as our soul, Higher Self, Spirit, or true self. Whatever you want to call this, meditation helps us go beneath our conscious mind and helps us experience our most authentic self.

3. Decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression

According to psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health professionals, regular meditation can help decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression. Symptoms of anxiety include tension, excessive worrying about multiple areas of your life, racing thoughts, and difficulty concentrating. Symptoms of depression include sadness, low energy, and feelings of guilt and worthlessness. Numerous research studies have shown that regular meditation can help decrease the frequency and intensity of these symptoms and provide relief from anxiety and depression.

4.  Increase chances of having a spiritual or mystical experience

Philosophers, theologians, and spiritual teachers across all religions and time periods have found that meditation may lead to a spiritual or mystical experience. They describe this experience as being ineffable (unable to describe the experience using ordinary language), noetic (able to provide hidden or inaccessible knowledge), transcendent (do not last long), and passive (feeling that the person does not have control over the experience).  Many claim this experience leads to a state of peace and joy that is the result of experiencing God, Spirit, connection to the Universe or some Ultimate Reality. While this experience may not last long during meditation, the results can carry over to daily life and lead to greater feelings of peace, joy, and connection when you are not meditating.

5. Increase our focus, discipline of mind, awareness and concentration

Meditation provides us a temporary break or relief from the business of life and/or thoughts that race through our mind. The act of meditation requires us to focus on something beyond our thoughts or physical life such as a mantra, breath, candle, or third eye. Some people may find that a guided relaxation or meditation music can help aid them with their focus while meditating or deepen their meditation. In fact, using professional effective meditation music can deepen the state of mind and the  meditation experience. The act of coming back to what we are focused on, such as the meditation music, during meditation trains our mind to focus on something beyond our habitual thoughts.  The site provides comprehensive information about meditation and offers professional, neuro-scientifically proven relaxing  music. Similar to other benefits of meditation, when we train our mind to be discipline and focused while we meditate, then we also train our mind to be discipline throughout our daily life.