Download Viki King MP3 on marketing inspirational blogs, movies & books

I recently hosted a Teleconference with Viki King on how to market inspirational and conscious books, movies and Web sites. Viki is a consultant and the best-selling author of How to Write a Movie in 21 Days – The Inner Movie Method. On our Teleconference, Viki discussed:

– How to Build It So They Will Come
– Beyond Social Networking
– The Magic of Cosmic Marketing

She also answered specific questions ranging from:

1. How to make it in the entertainment industry if you know NO ONE
2. How to get your project made and distributed if you have NO money
3. Viral marketing strategies

You can listen to the MP3 of the audio recording of this call by clicking the play button below, or use the MP3 Download link to download to your computer:

Viki King MP3 Download

P.S…I’ve ‘uncopyrighted’ this MP3…So, you can make copies of it and pass it on to friends who might benefit from this information too! =)


  1. Love Viki. Thanks for presenting her Matt!

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