Interview with Jacqui Cassel on her new book, Ascension

1. What is Ascension About?

 Ascension incorporates real-life experiences, a guide to the subtle energy system, as well as self-help tools. “You can heal. You can become the CEO of your own life. You can use your innate talents and gifts to fulfill your life mission at any age.”

The book is divided into three sections: the first explores “the shadow self that develops within a family afflicted with addiction, narcissism or other forms of abuse and spiritual darkness,” and teaches readers how to acknowledge their difficult experiences and move forward in life; the second shares Cassel’s own personal journey, chronicling her re-awakening and “the divine guidance” that led her to her path of healing; the final section offers guidance to readers who are ready to embark on the path to self-empowerment.

Vibrational ascension is the process of attaining greater levels of consciousness and in accessing new dimensions. It’s about awakening to what it means to be a love and light being. It’s about embracing the innate power that you possess to manifest a life filled with abundant love, peace and happiness…if you choose.

2. Why did you write this book?

My innate drive to protect others, especially women and children, began at a young age. When I spoke to God, I told Him I wanted to change the world. I wanted to protect others from what I was experiencing and didn’t want anyone to ever feel alone. I simply wanted to give others shelter, love and hope.

Starting around age 4 or 5, I vividly recall asking questions about life purpose, why God allows abuse and neglect, why people hate and kill in the name of religion, the existence of afterlife on the other side…and why so many think we are alone in the universe. I was left with blank stares, ridiculed or simply ignored altogether. So I began my spiritual slumber.

After enduring the next 30 years of lessons that continued to repeat, I was spiritually reawakened. The universe gifted me with closure to important questions. As I healed my inner world, I healed my outer world.

I had visions of writing an inspirational book several years before it manifested. When I reached a point to fulfill this contract, the universe reaffirmed my intuition and sent messengers into my life as guideposts. It was time to share my story…and to fulfill my life mission.

3. How do we deal with difficult emotions such as anger or frustration if we are stuck in a job or present circumstance that cannot be changed?

You are a co-creator of your life and possess the amazing gift of free will. You may change your present circumstances in the very moment you choose to change your thoughts and emotions.

The universe conspires to help you learn your life lessons, to empower you and to ultimately guide you to life purpose. Life is intended to be fluid just as it is in nature with spring turning into summer effortlessly, or with the caterpillar that transforms into a beautiful butterfly. Humans, however, have developed a capacity to resist change. When you are feeling angry or frustrated, turn inward to understand why. Then move forward with inspired action. When you reclaim your personal power and live the life God intended, you can achieve peace, love and happiness. 

4. Can you share an excerpt of your book?

God doesn’t give us who or what we want;

Rather, He gives us what and who we need,

In order to become who we are meant to be.

Little did I understand how the message I received one October evening in 2008 would become a pinnacle moment marking the beginning of the end of life as I knew it—and sparking my spiritual evolution.

As I set out on my run in the dark and foggy twilight, I heard the sound of tires squealing from the lowly traveled road that separated an adjacent neighborhood. The darkness and dense fog made it impossible to see ten feet in front of me, much less the vehicle at the end of the path a quarter mile away. As I neared that place, I observed an old, beat-up car quietly idling. My intuition was that he had been waiting for me from the time I started my run. But why? As I neared the main road, the stranger flashed his lights several times into the darkness.

I cautiously crossed the street and knew there was something more about to happen. The driver slowly followed me and rolled down his window. Only allowing me to see the left side of his face, he spoke the following words in a deep, raspy voice: “This life is good, but your next life will be better.” My immediate reaction was one of fear. As I replayed repeatedly in my mind the words he had just spoken, my body stiffened.

The man never physically approached me, so I released the notion that his intention was to harm me. Our paths crossed one final time moments later as he stood next to his car across from my running path. He wanted me to remember this night, to remember his message.

The universe was prepared to shake up every aspect of my life—career, marriage, relationships with family and friends—in order to reset me onto the path of my soul’s purpose.

We are born into this life with our soul’s purpose and come prepared to learn the lessons we have selected for ourselves. We are to fulfill our soul contracts so others may learn their lessons. Once we are awakened to understanding that we need to pass a lesson in order to move onto the next, we may begin to tune into the spiritual guideposts that have been provided along the way.

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