Invest in Yourself and Build your Biggest Asset: Your Aura

meditation-1384758__180By Scott Davidson, owner of website

We’ve all heard it before as a species we only use a portion of our brain. I have never been given an acceptable explanation of what this really means. It can be said that in general we as individuals never really reach our full potential. Are we holding ourselves back or is it something else?

To discover something new or to find a better way of doing something requires experimentation. This process requires a lot of failure before you find what works well for you. Many people are not willing to put themselves out of their comfort zone and be hit with failure. Often they just want to maintain the status quo. But they still suffer the consequences of their inactivity. They are not making any real progress – neither are they really going backwards. They’re just kind of stagnant.

Most people don’t know what is good for themselves until they try a few new things and see what works. The reality is if you are doing things you’ve never done before there are going to be bad experiences. Not too many people are willing to expose themselves to negative elements so they just stay as they are.

Without a doubt inactivity has its own problems: you will start to feel the impact of living your life in the safe lane. People will treat you in a certain way because they know you are not putting the effort in. You will start to feel restless, maybe even a little bit frustrated. The only way around this is by actually doing something about it, acting on your gut feel. You are doomed if you do and doomed if you don’t. But going down the tough road is the only way to reap the better rewards.

In the dating world things are no different. When you are a single guy you have all the options and all the cards in your hand. You will face opposing forces and negativity left, right and centre. But it is up to you to navigate the playing field correctly and make the best decisions. The freedom as a single guy means you need to be playing the situation so that you get what you want.

There are two types of single people – there is the dominant leader and then there is the passive person. The dominant person will take the initiative and set the agenda. They will be expected to play a more aggressive role and really make things happen. They will be the one to go the extra mile.

The passive one will use more coerce means to get their way. The dominant player will be more than happy to play along with it – mainly because they have to. Every relationship has a bit of give and take.

It is very similar in the business world. We are all expected to assume a certain role. Indeed, we all have to put on a certain face. At times it is not going to be easy. But anything worth getting is never going to be easy to get. It takes commitment but also the ability to be flexible, compromising with others along the way. Eventually you will find yourself enjoying successes, but not without struggles along the way.

Basically it boils down to – you can avoid your problems and play the ‘easy’ road, even though you will only feel uncomfortable and get nowhere. Alternatively you can really give things a go and brave out the tough situations. The way it should be viewed is: even if you are in an epic struggle you are still winning. Basically because you are working hard towards something that you want so much. From this experience you might not get exactly what you want but you will gain a whole heap of other rewards you may have never thought of. You might have created relationships, improved your communication skills, whatever it is.

There is a lot that you can invest in yourself as an individual that ends up becoming unseen. It is your aura, your attitude and the way you present yourself to other people. These things are invisible but they are the most important things. It is the energy that you bring to the table that people will pick up on the most.

Eventually this will translate over to the way you look and feel. It will effect every aspect of your life. Most people don’t realise the value of their efforts. The thing is that we are all tied up into a close network with one another. All of our actions have a ripple on effect. Each one of your efforts are not going to go unnoticed. Every action will have an impact on at least a subconscious level.

The main thing to draw from this article is that there are reasons why certain thoughts creep into your mind. You cannot ignore or shirk these things. Well you can but there will be a bad result. If you however act on them or go with the flow, then you will be setting yourself up for a richer experience later on.

At the end of the day you need to invest in yourself – all these experiences will improve your aura. Your aura is going to be your biggest asset. It is what will allow you to lead others, inspire other people as well. The tough experiences, the challenges, are where you will draw a lot of your strength. Before you know it you will make a lot of headway. It is not hard to do, it just takes a proactive mindset.