What is Truth?


Adapted from upcoming release Eastern Wisdom Western Soul by Richard Singer

Truth is embedded within each of our souls, lying there patiently beneath the dark shadows of our deceitful ego.  Seeking and practicing Ultimate Truth in our lives is a continuous process of sifting through the delusions and aligning ourselves with the genuine truths of the universe.  All of creation rests on a strong foundation of truth that is available to us whenever we decide to access it.  Universal truth is our answer to the problems that we face as human beings and as an entire species.

Truth is something that we intuitively sense and know within our entire being.  It is separate from intellectual and egotistic views and beliefs about the world.  When we think, believe, speak, emote and act, we intrinsically know if we are aligned with truth and purity, or with the lies of the ego.  Truth always conquers delusion.  The catch is we must simply have an honest desire to access it and make the sincere decision to live by it rather than allowing the ego to take us along one of its cunning detours.

It is crucial to gain the skills necessary to discern truth from the falsity of the mind as well as the popular opinion from external sources.  The majority of institutions within our society have yet to gain this understanding and, unfortunately, continue to be governed based on the majority opinion of people’s egos rather than the vital principles of our universe.  The application of truth is certainly lacking in our world at the present time.  However, if you and I personally continue our search and awaken to the Truth of life, we can create lasting transformation and consistently contribute to the further advancement of humanity.  For each moment and each situation in your life, sincerely ask yourself if you are living according to the truth, or are you falling prey to the manipulations of the ego.  Earnestly search within yourself and be mindful of your inner sensations and the answer will be revealed.

**Below you will find a sample meditation and practical application that will help you live the truth if that is your desire:

Believe nothing merely because you have been told it.

– Buddha


You will, of course, hear many things, some true and others false, throughout your journey on this planet.  It is imperative that you do not take hearsay or things you read as fact, and it is of supreme importance to sincerely reflect upon all information that comes your way and seek out the truth.  If you allow your inner light to access the truth, you can certainly never go wrong.  The truth is an innate part of your being.  If you involve your ego, you will surely be thrown off your path.


When faced with new information, it is vital to delve deeply within your own being, where the ultimate truth exists, and reflect in the solitude of nature.  Within your soul are all the answers you will ever require.  Make it a point to investigate the knowledge that is presented to you, and never rely on the so called authority of human experts.  Remember, the ego is always lurking in the background, waiting patiently to lead you away from the path of truth.