“End of the World” – Tommy Spase & The Alchemists (Official Music Video)

Below is the official music video of “End of the World” by Tommy Spase & The Alchemists. Tommy was kind enough to also share his thoughts about his music video below…

Hi Matt, as many of your followers of Spiritual Media Blog are well aware, we are living in some of the most extraordinary times in the history of our planet and in the history of humanity. The “End Times” that have been prophesied in scriptures and indigenous calendars seem to be unfolding more and more on an almost daily basis. Many fear an apocalypse of cataclysmic proportions that means the end, while many of us are experiencing this as the birthing of a new age and an ascension into a higher consciousness and a higher dimensional reality. Despite it’s rather ominous title, “End of The World” is actually quite an optimistic anthem. It’s a call to wake up to those who may be unaware, and “greet the brand new day” of that awakening, embracing ourselves as the multidimensional beings that we are, who have incarnated at this time, to co-create and claim our cosmic inheritance, heaven on earth! As the planet seemingly slips further and further into the abyss, we choose to focus on the good, on the transformation, and on the love.

Published on Mar 31, 2016

Official music video for “End of The World” by Tommy Spase and The Alchemists

Produced by Tommy SpaSe; Edited by Adam Gallagher and Tommy Spase; Dp – Aaron Kovalchik; Lighting – Doug Hersh; Sound – Stephen Ross; Direction – Malcom Cross

Staring.. Tommy Spase & The Alchemists, Sam Saldivar as “Survivalist Sam”, Circus Szalewski as two faced preacher Special appearances by…Aaron Michael Heimann, Flip Cassidy, Jonathan Shaw, Stephen Ross, and Miquel Filipowitz

Tommy Spase and The Alchemists are a seven piece rock ensemble currently based in Los Angeles, California, but could more likely be described as coming from another planet, somewhere out of spase and time, or at the very least, as a cast of characters out of a Tim Burton movie. This juggernaut of delightfully poetic, magically delicious, churning, spasedelic, steam-powered, carnival rock opera pirates deftly deliver an assortment of sonic offerings ranging from high energy, barn-burning, roller coaster rides, to whimsically waltzing, laid back strolls through the cosmic fields of spiraling musical and lyrical daffodils . If you can imagine that Danny Elfman went on a space odyssey with David Bowie, that had the Mad Hatter steering the ship, you might just catch the spark that is the sound of Tommy Spase & The Alchemists. One reviewer wrote, “I must say that with all of the concerts, shows, and performances I have seen, these guys are the most interesting. Their music is like a circus on steroids!” – The Music Lair

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