The Gift of an Angel

authorBy Wendy Jane Erlick

My new book, The Gift of an Angel interweaves two stories, the story of my personal journey to accepting and utilizing my psychic ability, and the exploration of the channeled messages I have received all my life.

Until July 2012, when I received a channeled message from my Personal Angel advising me to write this book, I had resisted a working relationship with the psychic world and the responsibility that accompanies it; all my life I had been in conflict with this gift I knew I had which I had attributed to God’s grace.

Until I altered my attitude and adopted a professional attitude to this gift and undertook years of accredited training to equip myself by authenticating my skills, I could not undertake the role of an Energy Healer, Angel Reader and Intuitive Coach. Misunderstanding as well as ridicule surrounds the topic of Psychic or Divine Intervention and Spiritual Mysticism. This negative and misguided mindset has eroded authentic spirituality; its meaning, purpose and effect. The Gift of an Angel invites you to experience a professional and truthful account of the world that exists around us and within us in relation to the integration of spirituality in the material and rational world.

This is a book about what happened when I began to listen to my own Personal Angel. When I invested time and energy to make this unique relationship work for me that I did through introspection, acknowledgement, professional training and service. In doing so, I have gained the ability to guide and serve a growing number of people from all walks of life who are conscientiously looking to live life in a different way than they did before; a life where spirituality and regard for the needs of their heart and soul are equal to their material and physical needs; where an investment in the spiritual and emotional aspects of their well-being is equal to if not more of a priority than superficial material wants and desires.

Today, I have a new purpose to my life. I am an Energy Healer, Angel Reader and Intuitive Coach. By accepting the gift God gave me, that of my own Personal Angel, I now work with my Angel and in doing so I have secured my place in the world. In turn, I am able to help others secure and enjoy their place in their own lives. This is my story and I hope it inspires and helps you.Once my life was ordinary, on a regular basis I was challenged by obstacles and concerns, and like most people I let worries and disappointments pull me down emotionally. But all through those regular days with their many challenges I was blessed with an Angel who was doing her best to make herself known to me because my Angel wanted to help me; to guide and support me. It was not until 2009 that I finally decided to team up with my own Personal Angel and embark on a new way to live my life.hrcover

Becoming a collaborative partner with my Angel changed my life; a harmonious relationship ensued which has not only augmented and enriched my life but helped me show others how to do the same. I hope the story of my spiritual transition and empowerment gives you hope to realize this can also be your story. I hope one day we meet and share stories that are both inspiring and as magical as the story I want to tell you now.
Wendy Jane Erlick is an angel channeller and healer as well as an executive coach. She currently works from Watkins Bookshop as an angel channeller and coach, on a weekly basis. Wendy is a regular contributor to Kindred Spirit magazine. The Gift of an Angel is her first book.
The Gift of an Angel is published by O Books, ISBN: 978-1-78535-005-4 (Paperback) £10.99 $19.95, EISBN: 978-1-78535-006-1 (e-book) £3.99 $5.99.