Physical and spiritual harmony



By Angela McGeer

The angels see and know all our actions (this is their role as tasked by the Creator) and they are filled with joy when we focus with their aid on attaining physical and spiritual harmony. However, in this reality, because we have been given free will, it is always our decision how we use the opportunities offered. When we choose to invite angelic Light Beings into our lives every day then they willingly support our spiritual development with their unconditional Love.

To begin at the beginning, although they can and do sometimes appear in humanoid form, I do not believe that this is what angels really are; they have no need of bodies or genders, for they are pure energy – Angelic Light – at its highest vibration, next to that of the Diamond Ray of God/The Creator, carried by the Seraphim Creation Angels. In other words angels are God’s messengers who have been tasked to aid mankind’s spiritual growth. In fact they can and do appear in many forms, as necessary, and we gain comfort by thinking of them in terms of genders. If we need them to appear in humanoid form, so that we recognise them as angels, then they do so. However, in general, in my personal experience, they manifest in more subtle ways such as an angelic flower scent, warm, cool or tingling energy, white Light flashing in the mind, small balls of coloured Light, a light touch on face or body, a feeling like being swathed in soft feathers. But although the role of the angels is to support us in our life path, with particular reference to guiding our spiritual development, they are not allowed to directly influence our lives unless we invite them in, so each of us has a choice to make about this.

We can read about angels in an abstract way, and envy those who can see them around us, or we can approach this positively by learning a different way of communicating with angels, to then be able to directly ask for, and feel their loving support of us. To really work with angels we need to make them our friends, and we definitely need to talk to them daily. Angelology is the term used for communing (invoking and working) with angels every day.

As as a key part of their spiritual practices, the ancient Essenes believed that to attain and maintain physical and spiritual harmony one called on angels daily for assistance, and as part of that practice, they identified Angel Rulers for each weekday (linked to the Solar System) on whom they could focus.

These are termed the Sacred Seven Angels (and seven: the number of Magic and Mystery is sacred in almost all belief systems).

Then, as now, we can tune in to the power of seven and the alchemy that it offers. As tasked by Melchisadec, each of the Sacred Seven brings different life attributes to us, linked to reaching our next stage of healing and wholeness, and so over the course of the week, we can tackle, in turn, all our various, major life issues. You will also get to meet and greet the Angel Ruler of the day of the week on which you were born: this is your own Primary Guardian.

Monday: Gabriel – Hopes, dreams, aspirations, intuition, Feminine energy balance
Tuesday: Camael – Courage, justice, confidence, energy, security, forgiveness
Wednesday: Michael – Strength, protection, truth, communication, patience, calmness
Thursday: Zadkiel – Abundance, wisdom, kindness, integrity, humility
Friday: Haniel – Love, especially including of self, beauty, joy, compassion without judgement
Saturday: Cassiel – Overcoming challenge, peace, harmony, serenity
Sunday: Raphael – Energy healing and knowledge, decisions, Masculine energy balance


Angel Healing & Alchemy – How To Begin, Melchisadec, Sacred Seven & the Violet Ray by Angela McGerr published by Axis Mundi Books June 26th 2015.