A Fresh New Approach to Call on Angels

angelBy Paul Wezenbeek

About a year ago I decided to sell my house, resign my job and start to live in another part of the country. I live in The Netherlands and where I lived it was so busy. I wanted to live somewhere else, more nature around me and start all over again. I took some time for myself because after 30 years of working for all kinds of bosses you need some time alone. I started a webshop in minerals and gave lessons in healings and spirituality. But it is hard to make a living like that. People do not spend money on these things a lot these days. All the time I was working on a daily base with angels. I asked then for help. I really believe that angels can help and assist you. Angels can help you reach specific goals, can offer your support in certain situations, and can offer you solutions to change situations in your life. Angels are entities of light that want to help us humans.

At one time something in me was telling me (an angel?) that it was strange that I was asking the help of an angel and I did not know his or her name at all…..And if I wanted to know a name of an angel which could help me with some situation all the books and websites started with the names of the angels. You had to search for the name of the angel that you wanted to help you very much.

Why is not there a system that tells you which angel belong to a certain situation….and I understood, that was my challenge to do. So I did.

I started to develop an app, because nearly everybody use a smart phone nowadays. An app which started with the situations and not with the names of the angels.

This application includes over 300 described situations, which are all accompanied by the angel that can help you best. These are different types of situations that can occur in everyday life, situations of personal growth, situations to attract luck, situations to attract love etc etc.

It is the job of angels to help us; however they can not perform their job without being asked to do so. In addition, you need to ask the angels for help. This help is a lot more effective if you immediately turn to angel that is specified with your particular situation. All angels have their ‘own field’, so to say.

The Angel App is an application for mobile phones and tablets. This new approach is complementary to the traditional way of calling on angel in general. In this way, it is not a substitute. It’s just fun and makes it more challenging to call on an angels, which may result in the fact that you will call on angels more often. Think of it as a fresh wind, blowing through the angelic realm. We want a new world, so there should be quite some new and fresh ideas into this world; without the intention of replacing old traditions, but just to be complementary and to help even more people who wish to make use of the fantastic help of angels.

In addition, the angels are called on their fields of expertise with more focus, which is more convenient for them.

In the future, there will be more situations and angels added. However, the current variety of choices is already very broad.

It is not my goal in life to make money, I want to help people. I like what I am doing now and I will make more apps which will help people in spiritual growth and life.

If these apps will be very successful, I will spend the money in projects to help people in spiritual growth, help in ascension, help poor people. Because that is my goal in life, my soul path.

On this webpage you can see how it looks like: http://www.spiri-apps.com/apps/angel-app/

Love and light for you all.

Paul Wezenbeek