Steph book promo image This post is a guest article written by Stephanie J King, author of Divine Guidance.

What is truth, until it is recognised and fully lived? What is the point of life without the knowledge and understanding through experience that goes with it? Author, healer, channel and Soulpreneur™ Stephanie J King reveals the answers you need to make miracles in her latest book/divination tool Divine Guidance.

Nothing ever happens of its own accord without a reason. Everything has a purpose and a function. Every want, desire, and need is birthed at some point by someone; begins somewhere. This synchronisation of live events is necessary to create the fertile setting for any miracle to take place. What we see occurring on the surface is often just a fragment of an unfolding saga and even though we operate as separate, free-thinking individuals, we still continue to invent and interlink with the planet’s own intelligence – the creative life force that’s working with and through us. If we had the gift of hindsight, we would be more equipped to know exactly what was called for bringing about little miracles every day and pay life forward. Divine Guidance brings these little miracles back into conscious alignment, in a way that helps Earth’s own thriving, intelligent, creative life force work with you.

While still in the realms of Spirit, before our time of birth, we had a life plan. We saw how life would be on Earth today. We knew what we would accomplish, our talents, gifts and strengths, we knew our weaknesses and our downfalls, what we’d contribute, would encounter and could change. We worked out a plan of action and we teamed with others along the way. Once incarnated everyone is aware of their thoughts, what they see, feel, want and need, but few remember their blazing talents to know their ‘soul agenda’, to see karma working out and to read the underlying factors that drive life and other people. If we could be a little more open with intentions, thoughts and feelings, others would read us better and life would flourish. But often we are guarded, our mind is busy somewhere else. We project our inner world through expectation and presumption onto things that are unfolding around us. We colour and misinterpret much of what we witness (hear, think, feel or see). We misread simple signs and signals and often alter, change and colour those we send out ourselves.

Divine Guidance reminds you that your life is not by accident, but personal choice. It is the road map of the incarnate journey your soul is travelling. You can chop and change direction, rethink, re-choose, delay and alter all you wish, for you play the leading character role in your own life story. Nothing sits beyond your capability to achieve. You have the power and vital life force of this planet running through you, helping you to succeed and spurring you on. Nothing is set in stone before you personally make it so; in fact the, future is as pliable as plastic. It can shape shift, flex and change. It actually alters all the time, for every moment contains possibilities yet untapped. You are the activator of what is now and what will be, so it naturally falls to you to do this well. Divine Guidance will take you by the hand to steer you through your situation no matter what. A clear channel of communication, support and advice to help you achieve the best outcome at any moment, is ultimately what it offers.

We work and link with life on many intricate levels, but only focus and act upon whatever occurs within the scope of present attention. Yet attention wanders frequently; it dwells on future and past, it’s prone to wander when bored or faced with repetition, worry or stress. Very rarely is it functioning and fully present here and now, plus what we take on board can sometimes belong to others with whom we mix. Understanding the bigger picture always offers an advantage to the situation or live task that’s playing out. This book demonstrates that you are a working channel for life to flow both to and from. In an ideal world all aspects work together in harmony and in sync for you have life’s Source and creativity at your disposal. Divine Guidance is designed to help you understand and then command this two-way process, by right of birth. Greater happiness, health, contentment, peace, awareness, hope, serenity and a heightened ability to give and receive unconditional love are just a few of the many benefits that await you from reading and working with Divine Guidance.

For more information and to purchase your copy of Divine Guidance (published by 6th Books) visit www.stephaniejking.com.