Caroline Myss on near death experiences

Caroline Myss once told a compelling story about a woman’s near-death experience.  Her story demonstrates the power of our thoughts, prayers and Spirit.  A woman had gotten into a serious car crash to the point where she lost consciousness.

She then had an out of body experience where her spirit was hovering above the car crash and could hear the thoughts of people in the cars behind the accident.  Some of the people were complaining about having to wait.  But, one woman about five cars back was praying for the woman in the accident.  When she noticed the woman praying during her out of body experience, she saw light entering into her own body and heard a voice that said it was not her time yet.  The story has some added validity to it because before she re-entered her body, she was able to view the license plate number of the woman praying for her.  She used it to find her contact information and later thanked her for her prayers. The woman could have also used an international air ambulance to help her.