Godchild movie review

The Godchild is a magical and metaphysical movie about a brilliant young student who takes his teachers on a journey through time and space in search of his mysterious godmother.

If you have ever had a transpersonal experience where you felt the love of a family member or friend who has passed away, tried to reconnect with that person and then wondered what that communication meant, then you have got to see the Godchild.

The movie is about a young boy who accesses the inner most resources of his consciousness to reconnect with his lost godmother. At times, this takes him to places that defy science’s current three-dimensional understanding of reality. However, the young boy’s experience of trying to reconnect with his lost grandmother is very real to him — and to his friends, teachers and doctor who witness him in these heightened states of perception.

Watching these scenes prompted me to reflect on some challenging
questions such as:

Is it possible to connect with loved ones who have passed away?

If it is possible to connect with loved ones who passed away, then what are we supposed to learn from that experience?

How should that transpersonal experience and heightened perception of a different dimension affect the way we live our daily life here on earth right now?

This movie is also a deeper reflection on faith and trust. Even, if these types of spiritual phenomenon do exist — where we can communicate with loved ones who passed away, then there are still many BIG questions about life left unanswered. Without being preachy, the Godchild suggests that while some things about life can not be understood and certain questions can never be answered with a logical explanation, having faith and trust can provide us the strength and insight we need to carry us through life’s greatest challenges.