I See Your Dream Job

Iseeyourdreamjob-HeaderWho could forget how Wall Street crumbled in October 2008? That Wall Street fiasco combined with a stunning feature in the New York Times, caused Career Intuitive Sue Frederick to be booked solid for the next two years with high-powered executives, CEOs, conservative bankers, every day workers, and housewives calling her, asking what the future holds.

Today, thousands of Americans are still facing layoffs and unemployment, and are being forced to reinvent themselves and their careers to survive. And many others are trapped in jobs that leave them frustrated and unfulfilled, longing for something better.

For all of these people, I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive Shows You How to Discover What You Were Put on Earth to Do by Sue Frederick is a much needed guide to finding one’s true calling and how to realize it. In the book, Frederick explains how to calculate one’s unique path using birthdates, and describes the values, talents, and interests inherent in each path, according to the principles of numerology. She then offers practical advice on how to find one’s life’s mission using information to make it happen in the real world, including:

– Tapping into one’s intuition
– Ending negative thoughts and behaviors
– Taking inspired action
– Using the pain from one’s past to fuel future success

For example, Sue suggests that we stop asking: “Who do I think I am to try a new career?” and instead ask ourself:

“Who do I think I am to ignore the work I came here to do? Who do I think I am to ignore the gifts and talents I brought with me? Who do I think I am to ignore the purpose of my life story?’

I See Your Dream Job is available on Amazon.com by Clicking here. For more information on working with Sue, you can visit her Web site at http://www.careerintuitive.org/.