Wrestling with Consciousness


Wrestling with Consciousness is an autobiographical story written by Rick Bognar comparing the inside world of pro wrestling he spent 10 years in to a spiritual awakening he has been experiencing for the last 10 years.

The book gives a fascinating contrast between the ultra-aggressive, ego-driven and violent nature of Rick’s life as a professional wrestler compared with his desire to grow spiritually and live a more compassionate life. This was not always an easy transition for Rick to make. He writes about how he applied the lessons he learned throughout his spiritual awakening to finding a new career after the fame and fortune of 10 years of professional wrestling disappeared, emotional suffering he overcame, and how he created an authentic and loving relationship with his girlfriend.

Rick’s honest reflection of his life offers the reader hope and a real life example of how we can make similar dramatic transitions in our personal, spiritual and professional life. Rick provides the reader with specific inner work, tools and a mindset for how we can incorporate our spiritual practices and beliefs into challenging life situations with our friends, family and job while still maintaining a sense of compassion and love no matter what the exterior circumstances may be.