Interview with Nick Bunick, author of Time for Truth

Nick-Bunick-SMNick Bunick fought his way up from the poor streets of Boston to living the American Dream. After playing college football and graduating from the University of Florida, Nick became a successful businessman. Then astounding spiritual events occurred in his life that inspired him to write Time for Truth (Hay House September 2010).

Time for Truth reveals how Jesus’ messages of love have been distorted into fear and messages of compassion into messages of guilt. Time for Truth will give you a new and profound understanding of your relationship with God, the spiritual world, the purpose of life, hypnotic regression and how Angels are active in our life.

For example, in our conversation, Nick explains the phenomenon of seeing the numbers 444, what that means and shares a personal anecdote from his life about seeing 444 and its significance. Nick also talked about how he used hypnotic regression to access vivid memories and detailed information from his past.

You can listen to our 25 minute interview by pressing the play button below: