The new generation of filmmakers

I believe there is a new generation of filmmakers who are coming out now to make films that speak from a different place of possibility. Jon Firman is an example of this emerging type of filmmaker. He sent me the email below about a movie he is making and I was inspired to share it:

“I am a student currently working on a spiritual film. It is a short film, roughly three minutes in length, about two lovers living in the darkest hour of our history, right before the end. While the darkness seems to envelop the world around them, these two lovers seem unaffected by the chaos that the world is in. They are deeply in love and exude that presence everywhere they go.

In their final moments, they choose love over fear and anxiety, not ignoring the state of the world, but existing on a different level, almost floating above it all. And of course, at the end, so deeply in love, they embrace as they become flooded with the light of nuclear explosions, which represents the light within us all. The innocence of two young lovers, a metaphor for what true love is, not clinging, but rather, complimenting each other, bringing out that love that exists inside themselves and does not fade once the other leaves.

My film is about going within and finding love- essential for these dark times we live in. The two lovers represent the two sides of humanity- feminine and masculine joined as one, in union. They walk through the chaos in ease in the Self. In these dark times we live in, it is essential that we have uplifting and more optimistic films that don’t try to cover up our situation and distract us, but, rather, force us to look within and to encourage real change.

I first learned in my film 101 classes that film is a medium that covey’s information- informing others of different realities and different ways of being through the art of story telling. Many of my peers have taken it upon themselves to make films that inform the viewer of realities of violence, which in my opinion has spiraled out of control to be the number one reality viewers are subjected to. “As within, so without” and this saying is more relevant to the state of media in this world than
anything else.

I represent a new generation of filmmakers who are coming out now and are choosing to make films that speak from a different place than extreme violence and chaos. What I am asking those reading is assistance in making my film a reality and to help support those who do make films that speak to higher values. Any amount that you would be willing to contribute would go a long way to make this film possible and of course, full credit will be given to all contributors.

Contact me at for more information regarding the movie and for all donations. Thank you very much for your time reading this and for all donations!”

– Jon Firman