God: A Relationship Guide – Getting to Know Your Higher Power

God: A Relationship Guide is a down-to-earth book about building an authentic lifelong relationship with one’s Higher Power. Spiritual Director and clinical psychologist, Judith E. Turian, Ph.D. uses personal anecdotes, professional training and deep faith to show us how to take a risk and let God in even though we may have inevitable second thoughts about sustaining the relationship. Each stage is illustrated by personal, heartfelt and often humorous stories from the author’s life and spiritual training–including some fascinating examples from when her faith was tested during her early career in the U.S. Navy.

The book is useful because it spells out in thoughtful detail how to know God’s will for us. One prayer that she mentions that is particularly helpful in discerning God’s will is:

“Take all of me. Take my liberty, my memory, and my understanding. All that I am and that I have has been given to me by You, God. I give it all back to You knowing that Your love and Your grace are enough for me.”

She follows that prayer with a bit of humor asking: “How’s that for courage? Or was it total stupidity?”

She reveals details of her own spiritual journey, tests of faith and how she learned to know God’s will. For example, she writes:

” ‘Let your will, not mine, be done.’ I believed with all my heart that I meant it. But when it turned out that God’s will was not the same as mine, I was angry and devastated.”

Throughout the book, she uses examples from her real life to show how she eventually learns how to distinguish God’s will from her own. These stories are illuminating, insightful and provide hope that we too can know God’s will for us and find the strength and ultimately peace in living It.

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