Woodstock and the modern day hippie

This summer marks the 40 year anniversary of Woodstock, which brings up stories, images and memories of the hippie subculture. The hippie movement started out with good intentions: Peace and Love…However, their intentions and actions became distracted largely because of excessive drug use and historical events that instilled fear in the minds of people who stood for peace. It is understandable that a culture who aspired to create a society based on peace and love would be distracted – given that the two greatest, public leaders of their time who stood for peace and equality were assassinated for taking a stand for those values: John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr…

Today, I believe we are witnessing a rebirth of a more disciplined and refined hippie movement.  The modern-day hippie uses prayer and meditation to expand their consciousness, not LSD. Instead of being wandering vagabonds, today’s hippies are trailblazing attorneys, entrepreneurs and entertainers who are using business, the law and entertainment to create revolutionary platforms, organizations and changes that are making a real and long-lasting contribution to the upliftment and transformation of humanity. Today’s movement shall not be distracted by tragedy; instead we will be motivated to bring Light to darkness.


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