The Simplicity of Truth

The Simplicity of Truth

By Randi Suskin

Have you ever noticed when you hear something from within, it often comes in just a few words?

I find many times it comes in 7 words or less.

I was watching 2 of my grandchildren recently.
Their parents were away on a much deserved vacation for a few days.

My beautiful 7 year-old granddaughter was having trouble falling asleep the first night they were away.She was missing her parents.

I noticed she had a small notepad next to her bed, and on it was written –
My grande love is all I need.

There were many hearts drawn under it.
I did not mention the word grande does not have an e at the end.

I asked her about it and she said, “It’s just something I thought of.”

It was one of those love-filled moments I will never forget.

I said that is beautiful and true Ember-Claire, and this can be what we can think of as a Home base for both of us.
If we are starting to feel bad, or scared, or sad, we can remember what you wrote.

She agreed, and fell asleep.

What a beautiful illustration of what has been quoted in Tom & Linda Carpenter’s book Dialogue on Awakening –
“As you allow yourself to hear the voice of simplicity – you will know you are hearing truth.”