You create your life

By Noelle Sterne

You are not a tiny object buffeted in an uncertain, perilous world. Rather, you are the master, the victor, the creator of your world. You have been given the ability to imagine, declare, decree, visualize, and expect what you want. This all may be hard to swallow, but you are the creator of your life.

Most of us don’t realize, much less claim, this gift. Some know, though—the golfer who visualizes the perfect swing, the dancer who envisions the perfect plié, the host who pictures the perfect feast.

The more we believe in, develop, and practice with passion and expectation our creative ability, the sooner our pictures will be brought into our lives. This is the universal Law of Attraction. You have undoubtedly heard or read about it: Like attracts like; what we concentrate on grows and manifests; that which is like unto itself is drawn. And more: our thoughts create our reality, our world, our experiences.

You’ve probably heard people talk about “life” with a sigh and a resignation, as if we have no say in what happens to us. “Life happens, whatever life throws at us . . . .” Many believe these declarations and wonder why their lives don’t satisfy them, or worse.

If we don’t consciously create, we create by default. We go along with whatever experiences haphazardly seem to come our way. We may like them or not, consider ourselves cursed or lucky. But whatever our reactions, we feel like victims. Our lives do not have to be this way!

With our God-given gift of creating, we can exercise our creative ability for anything—health, abundance, beautiful relationships, right and satisfying work, comfortable surroundings, creativity, even audacious dreams. And we can know that we attract all through Divine Love, and that the outcomes elevate us, lift and stretch our consciousness of Good, and benefit everyone else involved.

Our creative ability is innate. Once we recognize and use it consciously, we can create anything in our lives—not only objects but especially outcomes. How do you want that meeting, phone call, family gathering, work session to turn out? How do you want to feel and act during and afterwards?

Go on, try it. Apply this method to something you want to create, especially something that you feel is difficult or impossible, or something you’re fearful of. Make a simple list of outcomes: “I want this meeting/presentation/phone call/work session/holiday family gathering to produce for me . . . . Afterwards, I want to feel . . . .”

Whenever I’ve made such a list beforehand, visualizing and feeling the positive outcomes I write down as if they have already taken place, I have acted naturally. My words have come easily, and others have reacted well. And I’ve experienced all the results on my list! An apparently difficult meeting results in harmony and understanding; a work session goes smoothly with answers appearing quickly to knotty problems, a family gathering evokes only love and joyous sharing.

So, practice. Write down your intentions and affirmations. Picture the scene with its perfect, blessed outcomes. Feel the way you want to feel, before, during, after. Practice. 

Have patience too. Sometimes our negative beliefs and feelings seem so entrenched that we find it hard to deny or reverse them. Know that you are entitled to denial and reversal. Just keep practicing—maybe several times a day, and certainly before you go to sleep—until the positive outcomes you desire and deserve seem natural. 

You can create—bring into your awareness and physical experience—anything, from the most apparently trivial to the most momentous—a shopping bag, a new home down payment, a soulmate.

We can never lose our creative ability. Our birthright is mastery, our heritage power. Claim your ability now to be the creator of your world and your life.

© 2024 Noelle Sterne