The Re-Emergence of Power Animals

The Re-Emergence of Power Animals

By Tony Scazzero  

In the old days, many people around the world were aware that power animals were real and coexisted with us. They believed they would offer us their love, guidance, and assistance. They were thought of as being gods and goddesses or maybe they were just like angels. There are countless beautiful stories how animals inspire us with their abilities. People everywhere are enamored how animals fly, swim, dig, run, and live. Overtime, communication has improved between humanity and animals and these developments have led to the idea that we really can connect with them because they’re more spiritual than we thought.

Our personal power or spirit animal is a kind of guardian and protector in both the physical and spiritual worlds. Power animals have much more to give than what may appear at first. We can call on them anytime to help navigate through life’s challenges. They give us strength, wisdom, and friendship to face life. They can also help us overcome our insecurities, fears, and even illnesses. In short, they help us discover important information when it’s needed, including soul retrievals. They can manifest as insects, mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, or even prehistoric creatures. 

One important thing to keep in mind is that, in most cases, we are not the one to choose the power animal, rather, they choose us when we’re ready. We usually start with one primary or totem power animal and later we begin to experience others. In ancient and indigenous cultures, communicating and drawing on the power of animal spirits was deeply integrated into daily life. Learning to identify and connect with our power animal is a quest that people have been doing for thousands of years. One of the most common methods to find and communicate with our power animal is through mediation and visualization via the path of shamanic journeying. Anyone can travel to a different dimension, called the non-ordinary reality, where there are three realms: the lower world, the middle world, and the upper world. Meeting the spirit of our power animal for the first time is truly an amazing experience. Feeling their presence is an exhilarating, almost shocking event. Once this connection is made, they help us find a higher level of consciousness.

People love to visit zoos, aquariums, and farms because the animals give us so much joy. In their home, they have pictures, jewelry, and statues of their favorite animals. Some are quite expensive like oil paintings, crystals, wood carved figures, and taxidermy animals. It’s not unusual to see calendars, clothing, mugs, and other items with animal pictures and names on them. People seem to innately know that relating to animals brings a higher meaning to life. They each have a healing spirit, a gift, and a lesson for humanity.

There are numerous books, websites, and videos to learn about spirit or power animals. We have all heard of expressions such as runs like a deer, swims like a fish, and flies like an eagle but that’s just the beginning. Not only are there many animal sayings but almost every school and professional sport team has an animal for a mascot. Movies such as, Ant Man, Spider Man, and Black Panther show what incredible powers people could have if they could adopt the nature of an animal. Then there is Dr. Doolittle who has secret conversations with the animals. More and more movies are made that have animals clearly communicating back and forth with humans. In recent times, there seems to be a whole new universe opening up between animals and people, including books, such as We Walk Beside You, where the author communicates telepathically with the different animals. If truth be told, the spirit animals have been waiting a long time to re-establish their deep bond with humanity.

Power animals are, to be blunt, divine messengers from God. They show us how to be centered, strong, and confident in all areas of our lives. They serve as teachers to improve our inner strengths. When we want to sing better, we can connect with spirit of the canary. When we want to work harder, we can connect to the spirit of the beaver. When we want to move faster, we can connect to the spirit of the roadrunner. When we want to see what’s ahead, we can connect to the spirit of the giraffe. There is no end to this kind of vicarious activity. Actually, all the animal energies can be found within each one of us. It is natural to imagine oneself to be a tiger, a bird, or a fish, or even as an insect. 

Next time someone calls us a chicken, a snake, a skunk, or a rat, we should thank them. As a matter of fact, our power animal isn’t random because the personality characteristics possessed by our power animal match our own. 

The spirit of the animal wants to communicate and help us any way they can. A spider can help us spin a story. A nightingale can help us sing better. A cheetah can help us run faster and a groundhog can help us dig better for information. Although it is hard to believe that there is a whole new dimension where we can ride on tigers, swim with the whales, and fly on giant butterflies, once we connect with our power, the sky is the limit where we are only limited by our imagination. We can all be like Tarzan and call our animal friends whenever we need them. Even better, when we have a question or problem, our power animal is more than ready and willing to help us. We can be inspired to know that each animal reflects a unique aspect of our Creator and that furthermore, that they are there for us. 

Most folks are aware of their zodiac sign and what animal it represents. There’s Aries the ram, Leo the lion, Pisces the fish, Cancer the crab, Scorpio the scorpion, and so on, but few people know their specific personality type from their power animal. Simply put, our personal spirit animal can help us understand why and how we think and act the way we do. In fact, this includes why people around us think and act the way they do, even if it’s annoying. In short, understanding our power animal is the simplest way to know ourselves and others better.  

In conclusion, as humanity’s consciousness becomes more awakened, it is only a matter of time until everyone wants to know their power animal. When that critical mass or tipping point happens, humanity will have a spiritually transformative experience where mindfulness will be an integral part of life. This will create a new familiarity where we’ll realize that oneness among all sentient creatures is our destiny – which will lead to a peaceful coexistence on the earth. Humanity has been handicapped due to our psychic ignorance for too long. Once we find this love that has always been around us, we won’t believe how we could have lived for so long without it.

Tony Scazzero lives in Maryland and wrote Power Animals and their Symbolism. His website, provides free power animal readings for anyone that wants to know their power animal. He has made short videos on his YouTube channel – His goal is to guide as many people as possible to learn about their power animal. He can be contacted at:





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