Moose Spit

By Mark Eck

A guy in Alaska drove by some dumpsters in his neighborhood. He notices a moose hanging around the vicinity. Which is not normal for them. He turns back to investigate and sees that the moose has a problem. There is a swath of plastic sticking out from the moose’s mouth. He’s trying to upchuck it without sucess. The guy slowly approaches it, so the moose can acclimate to his presence. It works. The guy has to make his move because the moose can do a number on you. The guy makes his move, reaching around him he gives a big tug on the plastic and pulls it out of the moose’s mouth. The result. One happy moose. The guy finds a pumpkin in the dumpster and hands it to the moose. The moose has a guardian angel and he knows it. He wants to play with his angel. But the guy knows to be careful around the moose. He stays with the moose for the next half hour.

So the moose accepts help from a different species. He didn’t care what the helper looked like. He was appreciative to the guy. And the moose in turn wanted to play with the human. If the moose had a bigger brain it could have lowered it’s head to the ground and stepped on the end of the plastic and then picking up it’s head. The plastic would have come out.So man can do good in this world. We do have the brain but do we have the heart. If we had the heart there would be no hate directed at others. No wars.

Tough times are ahead. Will we rise up to meet them? God I hope so.