How High-Vibration Clothing Can Brighten Your Day

Increase the frequency of your body with high-vibration clothing! Our skin is the largest organ of the human body. What we put on our skin affects the chemical balance of our bodies because our skin is permeable, and the substances in fabrics can seep into our bodies and even our bloodstreams. As a consequence, how we dress plays a role in our mental state, physical health, and the energy we give off to others.

Let’s investigate high-vibe clothes and determine how we can make the right decisions regarding what we put on our skin.

Do Fabrics Have a Vibration? Flax Cloth, Wool, and More

In 2003, Heidi Yellen, a Jewish researcher studying the frequencies of fabrics, came up with some interesting findings. Her study demonstrated that a healthy human body produces a signature frequency of 100 MHz, while a person on their deathbed has a frequency of around 15 MHz.

By contrast, live plants give off the same frequency as they do when woven into a fabric. For example, if you were to weave the fibers of rose stems into a cloth, it would emit the same frequency as rose essential oil.

A few decades ago, a public demonstration at artist Bob Summers home featured Bob Graham’s digital machine that measured frequency in physical objects. The esteemed gentleman identified signature frequencies that indicate sickness in people, as well as the frequencies of fabrics.


Flax cloth, or linen, is a textile with a high frequency of 5,000 MHz. Made from the strands of the flax plant, pure flax cloth functions as a healthy choice for high-vibration clothing. Wearing linen prevents infections caused by bacteria or fungi. Because flax seed cloth offers a lot of beneficial properties, hospitals often use linen sheets.


Like linen, wool is also called a “super-fabric.” It registers at 5,000 MHz, vibrating more than the signature frequency of our bodies. As a result, the fabric transmits energy to the body. Natural wool is an organic material because the textile comes from the fibers of mammals, like sheep, goats, rabbits, and others.

Organic Cotton

Cotton is breathable, environmentally friendly, and hypo-allergenic, so you won’t experience skin problems while wearing it. Natural cotton emits the same signature frequency as the human body: 100 MHz. Although cotton does not provide as many benefits as linen or wool, it serves as one of the top choices for natural textile fabrics.

The 5 Benefits of High-Vibration Clothing: A Healthy Human Body

Wearing high-vibration clothes unlocks several perks that will improve your overall well-being, including your state of mind. When free of chemical dyes, natural fabrics make the best clothing for individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits high-vibe clothing offers.

1. Enhanced Mood

Improve your mood by making the right choice of attire. When you wear high-vibration clothing, it amplifies the positive energies in your body and mind, releasing endorphins in your brain that tell you good stuff is coming your way. It also changes your outlook on life, making you feel chipper, relaxed, and content.

2. Improved Health

You can increase your longevity and rejuvenate your skin when you wear natural materials. High-vibe clothing offers more than mere comfort. It can also improve the health of a person with a compromised immune system by preventing bacterial and fungal infections. It also starts the healing process for injuries when you bandage your wounds in high-vibe cloths.

3. Increased Magnetism

Attract what you want by picking the fabric that draws in that energy. Clothes carry frequencies that transmit your energy to the world. When you increase your vibrations, you need to change your wardrobe because the auras may no longer match. Wear high-vibration apparel to manifest your desires.

4. Elevated Messaging

Spread love and light to everyone you walk past with your wise choice of clothing. Your clothes act as an extension of you, adding to the energy you give off to others. When you wear clothes that breathe, your skin begins to glow, and your aura intensifies, allowing you to receive love more easily and show the world the love you have inside of you.

5. Reinforced Authenticity

Wear your truth by putting on clothes that demonstrate your authenticity. If your wardrobe does not reflect your personality and inner self, then everything will fall out of alignment. When you do not feel comfortable with who you are, your inner light dims. The right choice of clothing produces the right voice to share with the world.

Increase the Vibrational Frequency of Your Clothing

Share your truth, light, and love with the world in everything you do, including what you wear. Select your apparel from KowTow, Galactic Federation of Light, Thought UK, and other high-vibration clothing brands. You are what you wear.