The Road to Divine Insight and Awakened Intuition

By Shawna Allard

Can you tell us more about your gift and walk us through your story?

As with all heaven-sent gifts, I feel like I was born with intuitive capabilities. I became aware of this blessing from a very young age when I realized that not everyone was able to see the light of the human aura glowing around each living being. As a child, I also had several remarkable experiences that made me increasingly familiar with the Divine power of intuition. At first, I felt odd and slightly uncomfortable with being different. Still, with the support of my mother’s wisdom, I managed to honor my talents as they unraveled and fully embrace my uniqueness.

Once I became aware of my abilities – feeling and knowing what others went through physically and emotionally – I was extremely motivated to further my studies and embark on a learning and practicing journey. My passion has turned into a profession for over three decades, and I am currently thankful to be sharing my intuitive and spiritual teachings with anyone seeking guidance and healing.

Has the road to fulfillment been hard?

In the beginning, these constant and inexplicable occurrences felt overwhelming; it was hard to understand that receiving signals and information from Spirit, our universal life force, for apparently no reason at all, was destined to give my existence an entirely new meaning.

My transition to becoming a polished psychic medium was not as apparent as it may seem. It took a lot of introspection, meditation, and prayer to reach a blissful state of self-control where I can go into a trance state and relay what Spirit has to say whenever people are searching for answers and, in other circumstances, just stop the flow of information.

Sometimes, the details passed on during my intuitive readings might not be what a client wants to hear; negative information doesn’t seem to be in anyone’s interest. However, I do make sure that I always offer counseling and advice on how to turn a negative outcome into a positive one. And that actually represents a significant part of my work.

How do you manage your work and family life? 

My schedule is centered around my family and our mutual support; my priorities have been set like that for quite some time. It’s the best method to achieve a healthy balance in life.

My working hours vary greatly, depending on the needs and urgencies of clients, most of whom have become regulars and in sync.

In my spare time, I enjoy writing articles for various spiritually-oriented publications and news outlets and appearing on radio shows and podcasts; I am also a public speaker and award-winning author. I recommend my latest book “Knowing” to anyone looking to uncover and develop their intuitive voice. My greatest professional reward is being able to guide the path of those who seek spiritual awakening and help them discover their true self.

What do you like most about helping people? 

My peace of mind is deeply rooted in the desire to use my sacred gift to impart wisdom and insight to anyone longing for inner peace, happiness, and prosperity. And this great desire blossomed into the determination to expand my knowledge and abilities in different areas.

I am now a member of reputable national psychic and healers associations and a licensed clinical hypnotherapist, I practice Feng Shui (the art of achieving a harmonious environment) and Reiki (channeling energy for the purpose of healing), and I founded the Divine Knowing Institute to teach people how to listen to their own intuition.

Sharing my gift of insight with others and opening their path toward an extraordinary life filled with new possibilities is truly rewarding. Getting to do what I love for a living is a godsend.

Do you have a favorite positive daily affirmation that you consider life-changing? 

I’ve constantly aspired to inspire people to believe in themselves more and become their best version. True power lies within, and anyone can follow their heart and find the healing source of their spiritual essence.

Everyone possesses an intuitive sense to some extent and can get in touch with their Spirit to attract the changes they need. Spiritual growth goes beyond the surface and requires a lot of practice and dedication to connect the revived unconscious mind with the inner self.

So I would have to encourage everyone to repeat to themselves: Feeling is believing. Opening my intuitive force helps me accomplish my greatest aspirations. 

About the author:

Shawna Allard is an accomplished psychic medium, intuitive reader, award-winning author, public speaker, and founder of the Divine Knowing Institute that educates seekers on becoming intuitive and offers them spiritual guidance.