The Ripple of Awakening

The Ripple of Awakening

By Ann-Marie Marchant (

The Ripple of Awakening was the book I wanted when my life was falling apart, when I was unknowingly on the threshold of the most profound journey of my life – the journey back home to a supreme all loving presence, which I now call God. This, I came to discover, is known as a Spiritual Awakening (SA) but I can assure you, I was NOT looking for God or an SA, and as a complete none believer, the 360-degree turnaround that ensued over a period of 15 plus years, took me on a journey of unfathomable undoing and surrender of the persona of Ann-Marie.

I was like any other person, getting along with life the best I could. I had all the trappings of a ‘normal’ and happy life – husband, kids, home, job, holidays, etc., but deep within, there was something that was not authentically happy and after a series of events that brought me to my knees, I screamed out for help and the whole trajectory of my life changed. As a control freak, that was not something that I relished, nor did it come easily – I was a hard nut to crack, but I had to be cracked open, because then, and only then, could the light enter into my precious heart, to reveal the truth about who I really was – a pure, divine, innocent child of the Universe.

I offer the opportunity to understand what a Spiritual Awakening is through my eyes in a raw, unapologetic and vulnerable way, giving examples of how my life unfolded and changed, as well as through the eyes of others, whom I interviewed about their own journeys of awakening. This reveals the commonalities, themes, stages and eventual homecoming that happens, reassuring and supporting the reader to know that they are not alone or mad.

I strip away and highlight the layers and devious ploys of the ego (Edging God Out) and give examples and ways in which one can ‘choose again’ and move towards and, eventually, embrace our Spiritual Self. I illuminate a subject that can quite often be seen as a complex and even a ‘way out there’ topic to those who are completely new to spiritual concepts, whilst making the topic accessible, without dumbing it down for people who are more familiar with spirituality.

I want to be real with people, and, as such, I don’t paint the picture of the SA being an easy path that is all pink and fluffy, with rainbows and butterflies all the way – no, it takes time, commitment, willingness and trust. One reader’s feedback describes this so eloquently: “Your book shows that the spiritual path is not a fluffy road made out of marshmallows, but that it often feels like a big hole you’re falling into. This fact that you beautifully demonstrate is so comforting and reaffirms to the reader that everything is okay, even when it doesn’t feel okay. It provides a non-triggering, but realistic view of what can happen as you set out on the road of discovering who you really are. The book also exudes authenticity. It shows the struggles, the beauty, the synchronicities, and that it’s not an overnight thing this spiritual business. It’s a process. That is also comforting. It reminds the reader to have patience with themselves and the process.”

This authenticity is so important to me, and although I am honest that the pathway is not always pretty, what I am also very clear about, is that as we do ‘the work’ that is required to heal our past and subconscious blocks to Love, we can return to living truly in the present moment. In that place we can align to our natural intuition and live a life that is far beyond the humdrum that most accept (unconsciously, of course) and instead, truly feel alive and live a life that unfolds with grace, ease, joy, health, vibrancy, peace and faith. This is our ‘reward’, so to speak, and we can’t help but radiate our natural light and share it with others. 

At the core of the book is also the contentious subject of God, but I feel it is so important to not bypass this subject or belittle anyone’s personal belief systems – my aim is always to join, not separate, and I have seen so many times that the association with God or religion can in actual fact bring a strikingly massive barrier to people’s awakening. Their pride or defiant belligerence against such subjects actually keeps them bound and lost in the sticky web of the ego’s mantra ‘seek and do not find’ – this keeps many souls on the never-ending loop of avoidance and ‘better the devil you know’ kind of mentality. Trust me, I know, I had an A star in that particular subject and my undoing around God was massive. 

I see so clearly now, that at the core of an SA, we need to be open-minded and willing to explore this bigger picture, and to form a relationship with a power that is all loving, inclusive and eternal.

I, therefore, encourage those to look deeply at any old conditions, fears, judgements or unworthiness around the acceptance of this Higher Power, and to become friends with it. The name of this Higher Power doesn’t really matter – call it what you will, the quantum field, Universe, Source, Jesus, Krishna, infinite intelligence, Love or God, but I believe that to truly be at peace, we need to come to terms with not only our own resistance, but the dogma that comes with man-made religions and all its associations. This is not to convert anyone to anything, nor to dismiss anyone’s chosen path, but merely to accept the Divine Infinite Love that they are and acknowledge that this eternal presence can be their true supply and comfort everyday of their lives.

An old neighbour of mine, opened up after reading my book and admitted that she struggled with the God word too, but found it so helpful I had used language that made the whole topic accessible and relatable. By sharing my own story around God, it helped her reframe her belief, that to be a spiritual person one had to have a religion, but in actual fact she discovered that this is not true. Furthermore, she found that this Source is actually within her and not separate at all, helping her go deeper into her own spiritual awakening, without feeling overwhelmed or threatened. 

The Ripple of Awakening, is therefore, not only a practical resource, but a companion and a friend to hold your hand along the way…

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