What is Energy Reading

By Pol Cousineau

Would it surprise you if I told you that everything in the world carries an energy that never dies? Forms may change, but the energy is ever present.

It is for this reason that I consider energy one of the most crucial elements of the universe.

A person who enrolls in energy reading can understand and unlock various doors of opportunities in life.

However, you might be asking yourself, “What is Energy Reading? Or How Can I Get Into Energy Reading?”

Good news! I have created the following guide that will help to answer your questions regarding energy reading.

Before we jump in, however, let’s talk about what energy reading actually is and what it is all about.


What is Energy Reading?

As the name describes, energy reading means reading your own energy (aura) and the field of someone else’s energy. It’s a process of understanding the beliefs, patterns, programming, and emotions reflected by the energy field.

You can read the energy of any situation or question you may have to acquire clarity and make optimal decisions for you in all areas of your life. 


Why Should You Read Your Energy?

The primary purpose of energy reading is to heal your energy and seek guidance in your life. But the approach of energy reading is so much moret! In addition to guidance, you can also reveal blocks in energy and remove them to search for the meaning of life.

If you’ve experienced any past trauma, energy reading can balance your chakras and help you deal with the trauma. Alternately, you can also seek fortune in your life and receive a totally new perspective on living.

Energy reading is the path to higher spiritual truth and it will enable you to understand your purpose and complete life’s meaning.


5 Best Ways of Energy Reading

Focus on the Present Moment

If you want to pursue energy reading, the first step is to learn about living in your present and improving it. It’s important to release your past and avoid regretting the things that you have done in your life. This will help you explore your internal energy and offer fullness in your current life.

Once you have accepted your present life circumstances, you release the resistance that keeps you stuck in old patterns or wounds. This allows you to become more aware of your energy instead of focusing on past problems creating a space to heal.

Here intuitive reading of energy helps you with better emotional stability and problem handling.

If you struggle in this area, you can call upon Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Michael. Archangel Chamuel will assist you with peace, while Archangel Michael will fill you with courage and confidence.

In other words, the first step is to just focus on your present and future to start walking on the path of being aware and energy reading as a way to shift your life for the better.


Higher Self

Higher Self means the spiritual self that enables you to understand things at the highest level. Being a source for divine guidance, Higher Self enables you to recognize yourself while reducing negativity, like your ego’s fears.

Once you have accessed the higher self, it becomes really easy to read and understand your energy. Not only can you read your own energy, but you can also do energy reading on your relationship dynamics or other people. 

Here is where your energy starts changing and healing itself for a better lifestyle.

But how do you access the higher self? Intuitive reading can help you feel your intuition and guide you at every step. It will lead you to higher spiritual vibration and give you a path to energy reading.


Take a Break From Constant Running

Energy reading becomes really difficult if you’re running constantly. Your ideal pace should fit the lifestyle you’re looking to lead.

Thus, you may need a break and give some time to yourself. Taking a break from the constant stresses will help you create a conscious connection with your higher self.

You cannot practice energy reading if you are running constantly without any break. That’s why I recommend taking consistent breaks and understanding your energy for practicing energy reading.

Beginning your day with even 5 – 10 minutes of meditation can be life changing. You can begin with deep, slow, conscious breathing to clear your mind.

Additionally, intuitive reading encourages you to experience your life from a higher perspective and enjoy the journey of life.


Align the Divine Plan

Once you have recognized your higher self, you can strengthen your foundation and align your divine plan. This allows you to make changes suggested by your intuition, also known as your soul, and your spiritual energy.

As humans we can send light and everyone can access energy reading by aligning their divine plans. Energy reading helps you identify and create opportunities and improve them from the core. Even the things you used to recognize as unwanted can also be converted into opportunities.

If you don’t know how to channel the divine plan, you can ask for help from the Archangels. Archangel Gabriel and Uriel especially can guide you to illuminate your path and create  opportunities.


Feminine Energy

Whether you’re a male or female, every gender has a blend of feminine and masculine energy. Both energies play their roles in managing processes we do every day. However, feminine energy features higher intuition, creativity, and attraction when compared to masculine.

If you want to explore energy reading, you must harness your feminine energy. This is because energy reading requires creativity and a balance between thoughts. Whether you want to create a business or heal your energy, feminine energy will help you create whatever you want.



Now you know how energy reading can help you unlock various doors of opportunities. Most individuals seek guidance to proceed with energy reading, but you can start with some of the simple tips I’ve provided above.

If you have a desire to learn how to read energy and unlock your true potential, then start by focusing on the present. With dedication and practice you will even be able to read other’s energy, spiritual guidance, and higher paths. Strengthening your ability of energy reading is a gift not only for you, but for others.