How To Open The Heart Through Meditation

How To Open The Heart Through Meditation

This message and meditation was channelled from Jesus on 24/06/2022.


Hello everybody this is Jesus. Today I want to talk about what we do when the heart is opened. What happens to the human body and human mind when someone let’s go of bitterness and negativity and instead chooses to generate joy, pleasure, happiness and success. Because opening the heart is not just about feeling good or helping people, it’s about much more than that. 

So, what you do when you open the heart is basically, you let go of certain kinds of thinking, certain kinds of emotions and instead you become different. You become somewhat of a transformed person, not totally transformed, but quite transformed. Now the thing is when you open the heart it’s not like a one-step process, it’s not like you just do it once and it’s done. It’s something you have to really continually practise, basically opening the heart is like, it’s kind of similar to working out at the gym. If you want to change your physique, you don’t do it once, you practise and practise and practise and you get stronger and stronger and stronger and then one day you can lift 100 kilos or 50 kilos or whatever is a lot for you. That’s how much you can do, similarly when you open the heart, basically, you start to generate a little bit of love, a little bit of compassion, a little bit of feeling good and over time your capacity increases and you can hold more love and more joy and more goodness inside you. 

Now here’s what we are going to do today, we are going to do a very simple meditation which takes about 5 minutes. This meditation is a very basic instruction on beginning to open the heart and it’s very basic because we want to keep it simple. We won’t we won’t do anything too complicated, but if you want to go deeper with this, if you want to practise this more and more and more, I recommend checking out some of the meditations that you can find on YouTube or on the internet. There are some very powerful meditations, so look around if you want something a little bit more in depth.

Ok so let’s talk a little bit about what it means to really open your heart. Basically, it means you’re choosing to generate one type of emotion and that emotion is love, you’re focusing on love and love is basically an emotion that gives, it’s a giving emotion. Where as the opposite of love would be hatred and hatred, it doesn’t give, it takes and what does it take? It takes people’s feeling of happiness. Basically, hatred is wanting to take away another’s joy, that’s what real hatred is, so if you’re focusing on love, you’re doing the opposite, you’re wanting to give others joy, you’re wanting to give others happiness. So basically, it’s transforming the whole way you’re thinking process works, because as you open the heart your thoughts reflect the inner world, your thoughts start to reflect what is going on inside you. 

So, if you really, sincerely want to become a genuine person, a helpful person, a light and carefree person, then this is for you. Most people think when they talk about opening the heart, they think about feeling good and thinking positively. That’s basically a summary of what it does for you, it makes you feel good and think positively and it also has other side effects. For example, if you become more loving and more soft and more caring, people start to feel that you’re a nice person, people start to think that you’re the kind of person they want to be with. So, it may have a side effect of making you more popular, or making you more liked by others. There are many many many benefits that come from opening the heart.

Part Two – The Heart Opening Meditation

Ok so now we’re doing the meditation as I said this will take about 5 minutes 

Ok the first step is this – I want you to breathe in and out three times and breathe all the way down to the heart chakra. Imagine the breath going into the heart and then exhaling and as you exhale imagine you let go of all your tension and all your stress. You let go of all your stress and tension, breathe in, feel good, breathe out, release. Breath in feel good, breath out, release. Do that three times. 

Ok now what we’re going to do is we going to bring to mind a person who you feel inclined to want to help. Someone you feel you can trust, someone you feel is a good person, someone you would like to take care of or give to, someone you’d like to give to. Ok so what we do is we imagine this person in front of us and now we imagine our heart is like a beautiful sun, it’s a golden shining sun imagine your heart sends a sunray from your heart into the heart of the person you love and as you do so you can say “I love you” or “may you be happy” or “I wish well on you.” You can say something and you just feel yourself sending this person love, do this for about 3 minutes. 

Ok that’s the first part. The second part is this – now we are going to think of someone who we don’t particularly care for, not someone we hate, not someone we really dislike, but just someone who’s a little bit off our radar. Someone who’s not particularly good or bad, someone we don’t really think about very often. Now I want you to do the same process and as you do so imagine you’re blessing this person. Imagine you’re giving them joy, happiness and pleasure, all the good things. You’re giving this person all the good things. 

Ok now that’s the basic process. The third step which we will do today, is to think of someone we don’t particularly like and we try to see if we can send love to them too, because what we doing is were expanding the kind of people that we think of as love worthy, worthy of love. 

So now that’s the basic meditation. You can spend 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, however many minutes you want you can spend doing this meditation. 


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