3 Proven Ways To Improve Your Mediumship Ability

By Michael Mahoney

You may not realize it yet…

But the truth is, anyone can be a medium!

You don’t have to be “born” with a special gift.  While some people do arrive with a natural inclination to see and hear Spirit rather easily, anyone with enough practice, discipline and commitment can communicate with loved ones on the other side.

The truth is, Spirit sends you messages all the time.   In fact, what you might consider to be your intuition, could in fact be a loved one guiding you.

But unless you develop the skills to know how to correctly receive and interpret Spirit messages, you most likely won’t be able to develop to the point where you can be certain the messages and guidance you are receiving is real.

The following 3 tips can help you develop your abilities much faster!

  1. Go With Your First Impression

The biggest thing that stops people from accurate mediumship is doubt.

I’m not talking about doubting whether or not you can do mediumship or not, although that too can be a block.

I’m referring to doubting the messages you receive.  

The first thing to know is that you most likely won’t “see” Spirits with your regular vision and you won’t “hear” them with your ears.

It’s far more common to see images of them in your mind’s eye and to “hear” them as if it’s a new thought.

Of course, that can make it very difficult to know the difference between when you are having a thought of your own and when you are actually in communication with Spirit.

So here’s the Golden Rule: Whatever You Receive Is Real!

Send out light and love from your heart to the person you are reading.  And whatever images, thoughts or words you hear in your mind…go with them!  

Here’s the thing…Spirit is NEVER wrong.  They know exactly what to send you that will be understood by your subject in the perfect way at the perfect time.  But if you question what is arriving for you, you risk your mind adding on to what you are getting or making false assumptions about it.  And that’s when readings go wrong with inaccurate information.

Simply state whatever it is you see, hear and feel as soon as you see, hear and feel it.

It should ideally be a rapid flow of sharing the information you receive.  Do your best not to hesitate, no matter how wild or crazy the things you are getting may seem.

  1. Don’t Interpret

This may come as another surprise, but it’s not your job to interpret the messages you receive as a medium.

That job goes to the person you are reading.  Your role is to simply communicate whatever you receive as clearly and concisely as possible.

It’s very difficult to resist the urge to interpret but doing so can lead to misunderstandings and a lot of “no’s” from the person you are reading (the sitter).  

Spirit will often communicate with you in the form of symbols.  For example, you might receive  an orange as an image.  This could mean the color orange, the fruit, Florida, or something else entirely.  If you “guess” and say the Spirit is telling you to talk about Florida, chances are you will be wrong.

Simply say “I’m seeing the color orange, does this mean anything to you?”.  In other words, let the sitter fill in the blanks.  If they don’t know what it means, keep going.  

Spirit knows exactly what it’s sending you and why.  The person may not recognize the information at first, but 99% of the time by the end of the reading it all comes together in rather miraculous ways.  On rare occasions, they may not understand what something means until after the reading.

So be sure not to add any of your own interpretations to the messages you receive as it can stop the true beauty of your mediumship reading form shining through.  And if you’d like to discover even more methods to improve your mediumship and psychic abilities you can check out this additional list here.

  1. Keep A Symbol Journal

One of the easiest ways to improve your mediumship, especially when you are first starting is to start what I call a symbol journal.

The goal is to keep a log of what the feelings you receive actually mean.

For example, let’s say you are asking how someone died.  Your hands start to get really sweaty.  This could mean a great deal of things.  But after a few readings in which you discover the person you are connecting with died from a drug overdose, you realize that every time this is the cause of death, your hands start to sweat.

You write this down in your symbols journal: sweaty hands = drug overdose.

This is super important because everyone receives information from Spirit differently.  If you don’t keep track of what each feeling means for YOU then you will fall into making assumptions or interpretations.

After a while, you will have a clear understanding of what every feeling in your body means when you are experiencing it during a reading…especially when it comes to how a person died.


If you simply follow these 3 proven methods laid out for you here, your mediumship abilities are really going to improve fast.  

But if you’d like even more spiritual tools you can use right away to improve your spiritual gifts, then you’ll find a very comprehensive guide here.


Michael Mahoney is a Professional Medium based in Los Angeles – here to connect with your loved ones on the other side to share their messages of love, support and comfort with you.  He’s been an empath, psychic and medium ever since he was a child.  It was directly after his mother’s passing that a series of synchronistic events made it very clear to me that he had to use his mediumship to serve as many people as he possibly could with this healing gift.  Michael is driven by his spiritual purpose to help others heal and understand that we are always surrounded by the ones we love. To book a mediumship reading with Michael visit https://www.hollywoodhillsmedium.com