The Bandwidth of our Blessings


How do we serve within disastrous global events, such as the conflict in Ukraine?

How does one cope with loss; personal, financial or otherwise?

Is there a way through darkness, when unable to see?

How does one move beyond fear, anxiety, depression and angst held in the body?

What each truly longs for is home. 

To be seen, heard and known. 

To know where one belongs. 

To sing the soul’s song. 

To feel full. 

To live by Divine Will. 

To be whole… 

and live the purpose of the soul.

     Blessings are wonderful and miraculous moments that leave a glowing smile and express radiant fullness. Additionally, there is a bandwidth of blessings that has gone unrecognized for the great purpose they serve. This repeating cycle of ‘blessings’ appears as subtle moments of growth; and at times, extremely challenging life experiences. But, when fully engaged with these moments, a ‘ladder of ascension’ unfolds. An upward spiral of personal growth, spiritual transformation and expanded creative capacity become available.

     Earth is a planetary field that creates anything that comes to mind; whether that is  conscious, or resting within the subconscious. Our world conditions us early on. Bands of ancestral energy, generational wounding, passed-down beliefs and imprints continue rippling, until each of us are courageous enough to break the chains, and bridge a new world experience of divine aliveness.

     The earth plane is a land of opposites. It consists of duality, which can be difficult to reconcile at times. Painful, tragic and heartbreaking experiences leave many feeling sad, hopeless and unmotivated. You cannot turn on the television, scroll on social media, or surf the internet without seeing story upon story of ‘life’ happening; in the full gamut of contrast. When triggered, personal wounds require deep discernment in order to see the good within every experience. But, contrast has a purpose. We — You/I/Us/Them — may not be getting what is wanted, but we always get what is needed.

     This is not gloom and doom, the sky is falling rhetoric. It is radical bold, get-your-head-out-of-the-sand presence regarding what it means to be human. We each have a far greater purpose being fulfilled through the circumstances of our lives. Duality is not just mere byproduct of our human condition. It is the recreational landscape — created by soul — for greater awareness, expansion and mastery. Contrast always points beyond one’s current state of awareness. To fight life, believing things are not how they are meant to be, disrespects one’s soul intelligence and connection to innate power.

     We were not taught that dense conditions of life are part and parcel to aliveness, nor does the educational system prepare young people in how to face the adverse experiences which arise for greater awareness, presence and alignment. Suffering, struggle and pain persist when in resistance to feeling all emotions within the individual human experience; humanity. 

     We can be used well, simply by facing each and every blessing encountered; those experiences deemed ‘good’, and especially those we call ‘bad’. Just as the lotus begins in muck and mire before it blossoms upon the pond’s surface… Just as a caterpillar becomes encased within a cocoon, to emerge as a butterfly at the right and perfect time… Just as a seed burrows through the cold, hard earth to become a hardy tree… You are in a constant state of emergence from that which is binding of illusion. The 7 blessings of human experience hone, shape and alchemize each of us into sacred alignment and holy aliveness.

Let life’s happenings move you into the truth of your soul’s creation. 

Be not of the mind, but instead of the hearts celebration. 

Deepen into the womb. 

Know your wound. 


And you will fly. 

Come now caterpillar, inch along. 

Soon, You shall spread wings to sing a soulful song.

     Within each individual is a unique and divinely powerful matrix of consciousness. It spans in both horizontal and vertical directions; allowing for incremental levels of mastery, while also, deepening layers of multidimensional experience. Imagine a landscape of sensory aliveness. This is nature alive and thriving within us. To see a rose begin as a seed, grow into a bush, flower as a bud, and unfold the beauty of a bloom…  is but a glimpse of our own infinite ability to do the same. The cycle of life, through birth, growth, death and rebirth is a miraculous endeavor upon a romance of a lifetime; this is the lover and beloved experience proclaimed through the ages by poets and mystics. 

     The Self-Realization Series of books regarding — LIVING, BEING and KNOWING — are powerful manuals, and guides, for traversing all experiences; in a manner that not only serves personal humanity, but also collective humanity. LIVING:The 7 Blessings Human Experience initiates this multidimensional presence.

     You are not on a journey; YOU are the journey. You are experience, experiencing itself. You are every piece, and part, of the world speaking to you, about you.

     SIMRAN is a Love Catalyst and Rebel Humanitarian who supports the expansion of consciousness and deepened embodiment of humanity through books, art, speaking and mentoring. Author of  Gold Award-winning books (1) Conversations With The Universe, (2) Your Journey to Enlightenment and (3)  Your Journey to Love, Simran is the #1 rated host of 11:11 Talk Radio and publisher of Award-winning 11:11 Magazine. This year, SIMRAN releases a powerful new trilogy that is a manual of instructions from the soul; they are LIVING: THE 7 BLESSINGS OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE… which is out now; Book 2 is BEING: THE 7 ILLUSIONS THAT DERAIL PERSONAL POWER, PURPOSE AND PEACE  releasing May 28th… and… KNOWING: THE 7 HUMAN EXPRESSIONS OF  GRACE releases November 28. She is the mother of two and resides in Charleston SC, USA. 

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