Healing Shame, Guilt and Martyrdom

HEALING SHAME, GUILT AND MARTYRDOM by Ambika Wauters, is a unique printed and audio book that offers the opportunity to delve deep into our psyches and harvest out accumulated dross . We all carry lifetimes of negative projections, unfortunate experiences , harsh ideas and limited beliefs that bundle into shame and guilt, leaving us vulnerable and in the clutches of martyrdom.

It means we hold ourselves back from living a full and joyful life. The weight of these impediments keeps us living in a limited energy field, replete with low self esteem and a lack of faith and trust in our ability to do good.

When we are willing to face our worst fears that we are not good enough, we release these blocks and affirm our right to health, wealth , love and perfect self expression. Healing is a process of releasing what doesn’t serve us.

Healing opens the doors for divine grace to bless our lives, open our hearts and recalibrate self love. It allows us to accept ourselves as we are and gives us permission to enjoy the best life can offer.

The premise of this book is to identify what makes us renounce our birthright to a good life and fall into the bottomless pit of shame, guilt, and, ultimately, martyrdom. The book is a guide to help us restore vibrancy and balance in our lives.
It works with positive ideas , meditation , visualization, affirmations and non denominational prayer to take you onto higher ground. It encourages you to develop and cultivate a higher consciousness that will deepen your capacity for pleasure and ease to fill your life.

Each step you take towards healing your negativity transforms your ability to create the life you want. Hopefully, it will be a good life where you choose to thrive, prosper, and flourish.
By releasing your sense of scarcity , lack and deprivation you open the channels for good to flow. As you let go of the need to punish yourself you free yourself of the suffering that is martyrdom.
Martyrdom is defined as the inability to experience pleasure and joy. It negates a belief in happiness andthoroughly resists pleasure.

Martyrdom re-enforces punishment and pain. It locks people into feeling entitled to their self pity and deepens their sense of worthlessness . It is rooted in familial, institutional and religious expectations for perfection and has an underlying belief that sacrifice is good .

Martyrdom focuses on making you overly responsible for the welfare of others. It is the crucible guilt and shame thrive in and has an expectation that you must be perfect. So you may have some “ AHA!” moments when you recognize old familiar patterns that foster your suffering, undermining your self worth and destroy your confidence.

As you identify these patterns you are on your way to freedom. It will permit you to let go of a belief that you are not good enough or worthy of what you say you want.The keys you will work with in this book are : FORGIVENESS, LOVE and PLEASURE.

They will assist you in releasing shame , guilt and martyrdom and help you claim your power. As you stop feeding the addiction to please others you will create a happy, rich and fulfilling life for yourself.


Ambika Wauters is a trained homeopath , spiritual teacher and healer. She travelled extensively for many years and learned from many teachers in different cultures. Ambika lived in the UK for ten years where she studied Classical homeopathy . She now lives in Arizona, USA ,and is director of The Institute of Life Energy Medicine. For information about her books and classes visit her website at : www.lifeenergymedicine.com