Peace Talks – How to Help with Spiritual Energy

By Owen Waters

As the world watches in horror as a land war unfolds in Europe, I am reminded of a teaching given to Earth by The Master Jesus in 1958.

In those post-World War Two years, the audience understood all too well the importance of the first of The Twelve Blessings as it was delivered through Yoga Master George King. The First Blessing was entitled, Blessed are They Who Work For Peace.

The established Church in England, far more powerful in those days than it is today, seemed to pay particular attention to the words and all-encompassing love of Jesus flowing through this channel who used a deep, advanced Yogic trance to achieve message clarity. As each of The Twelve Blessings were delivered, one at a time over twelve weeks before a public audience, the channel George King was threatened with death if he continued!

He decided to continue in the face of the promise of death and went on to publish the entire Twelve Blessings in November, 1958. Taken together, this collection is an advanced continuation of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

In the First Blessing, Jesus counsels Peace Makers that, “even though the way be rough and long and dark, you will be helped and guided in your passage, so that you may guide and help those stumbling ones who see not the Light in the midst of Light. Who feel not the warmth of the Heart of God. Who hear not the voice of their real Selves. You help these – and you will be great, even though you seek not praise.”

In the Ukraine today, peace negotiations continue almost daily. Among the negotiators are those who sincerely work to alleviate the suffering that assaults the people of the Ukraine. They are those who work for peace and you can help them with directed spiritual energy to uplift and empower them in their negotiations.

The peace makers are the key to ending the suffering. The power to help is in your hands, literally, and in your heart. You can send spiritual energy with an intention to help the peace makers and know that your prayers for peace have more effect than the thoughts of millions of people! How? Thanks to researcher David Hawkins, we have the answer.

Hawkins spent years investigating the effects of the whole frequency range of human consciousness and came up with an amazing discovery. As a spiritually-aware person, the influence of your consciousness is equivalent to hundreds of thousands of statistically-average people! His actual figure was that a person’s consciousness at the entry level to spiritual awareness counter-balances and lifts up the effect of the thoughts of 800,000 people of average consciousness around the world.

Imagine what happens when you go beyond the entry level, seek the inspiration to really raise your consciousness and bring peace to the world. Before you know it, you’re helping to uplift tens of millions of people and making the world a distinctly better place than it would have been without the benefit of your work and your presence.

I have detailed a method you can use to help the world in this exact way using the World Healing Technique:


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