The Spiritual Path and Spiritual Experiences

By Stephan Davies

Stephan is a 39 year old Australian who has been on the spiritual path for many years. Stephan grew up with a household that practiced Tibetan Buddhism, while he is still connected to that tradition, he has expanded outwards in regards to his worldview and his beliefs. In 2018 Stephan undertook a Channnelling course which has changed his life. Stephan’s main channelling guides are Jesus and God, but he regularly brings through messages from various Archangels. Channelling is Stephan’s passion and he channels daily for followers on his
Facebook page as well as one on one with clients. For more information, you can visit his website at:


Hello hello hello, I am Jesus and I am here to talk about the spiritual path.

So, to begin with I would like to say this – the spiritual path is a very powerful, very unbelievable, wonderful, changing of your very essence. The spiritual path is something that is available to every single person from the smallest child to the most elderly person, every single person can walk the spiritual path. However, I would like to say this – the ultimate aim of a true spiritual path is to overcome the self-clinging, the identity that we all seem to suffer from.

Now let me just explain a little bit about this egoistic self-identity that we have, the notion of a self which is separate from others, the notion of an I and a you and of two of us who are non-connected, the notion is that I exist in a separate reality from you, that my world is completely different to your world. Now there is some truth to this, it’s not completely false, but it’s missing one key ingredient, the key ingredient that is missing is the connectedness of all things. Every single thing is connected from a leaf to a plant to a tree to human being, we’re all connected and in essence we are all sort of the same consciousness, we are kind of the same consciousness and I say kind of because there is an individual identity there definitely is. 

So, what I’m saying is this – the spiritual path will help you to let go of the notion of an I which exists independently of all other things, the I and the other are not independent, they are reliant upon each other, what you do affects others and what others do affects you, so in essence you are connected to all things. 

Now the key question here is how can I overcome this limiting belief, this separation identity which I have? Well, it’s not an easy thing to do, overcoming your egoistic identity it’s something that can take more than one lifetime, you can take several lifetimes. In some cases, it has taken people who have walked on this planet, it has taken them 50 or even more lives and then they have a completed the true realisation of the ultimate self. 

Now what I’m saying is this – it’s a very long-term process, you can do it in one lifetime if you’re very gifted, if you’re very talented and you’re very fortunate to meet the right kind of spiritual blessings, the right kind of spiritual gurus and teachers and guides along the way, then yes you can accomplish letting go of the egoistic identity completely and you can do that in one lifetime. 

However,  for most of us this is a multi-life process, we come back over and over again and we keep working and every time we come back we get a little bit stronger, a little bit deeper, a little bit more compassionate and in a sense compassion is one of the most important qualities for letting go of the self. 

If we develop compassion, we start to see ourselves in others, we start to realise that what others experience and what we experience are in fact the same thing, we start to realise I’m not that different to anyone else. 

So, my advice is this – practice a meditation on compassion, doing meditation on compassion and open the heart, opening the heart is one of the quickest ways to ascend. But it’s not just about opening the heart, there are also other ingredients to this concoction that we creating, this concoction will lead us to become a much more enlightened, much more wonderful person. 

So what are the other components to this cake that we try to bake? One component is love, one component is opening the heart, that is one component, but there are other components to for example we need to develop a completely enlightened sense of compassion, a sense of compassion that doesn’t just regard others as individuals, but a sense of compassion that regards others as intrinsically connected to us. That is the true compassion and developing that kind of compassion it is not an easy thing to do. 

Now let me just comment on what I’m saying, I’m saying this: What you experience as compassion is one type of compassion, but there is a whole other level of compassion, there is a whole deeper experience of compassion that goes far beyond our normal experience. This kind of compassion is the ultimate compassion, the true compassion and this compassion cares not only for those that we see and think about but for all beings in all directions of space and time. 

Now let me explain a little about my own spiritual path, I am Jesus the Christ, I was born into your planet many many years ago as most of you know. I walked more than one lifetime, I was here in multiple lives and in most of my lives I worked hard to develop myself, I meditated, I prayed, I joined with others, I did spiritual practices, we did many practices that are no longer, have not been passed down through the generations. Some of the practices that I once did have been lost through time, but I say this, there are other practices that have sprung up that are just as important as what I did. Now in my own life, sometimes I had experience of realising my selflessness, sometimes I saw a self that was beyond our individual identity and this experience it came it lasted from 5 to 10 days and then it went again and when it went I was deeply distressed. I was deeply deeply distressed but I kept working, I kept ploughing through, I kept meditating, I kept working on my own opening the heart and eventually this experience returned and every time it returned it stay longer and longer and there one day this experience just became who I was, it was just who I was and in fact it was who I had always been. 

So are you saying but Jesus wasn’t a Christian? Jesus didn’t do that, Jesus didn’t do this, haha let me say this I wasn’t a Christian because obviously Christianity was not my religion, in fact I would say this I was a self-taught disciple, I had teachers, I had leaders, I had gurus who pointed me in certain directions, but most of the work I collected from various sources and I began to practice all kinds of different traditions, and as I practiced some different traditions I discovered some had a very deep, very deep powerful connection to the divine and I kept on going with these practices. Some of these practices are still in the human mind today, some of these practices are still being taught in certain places around the globe. 

Now I hear you asking what are the most effective practices? I want to do what you did. Let me just say we each have our own destiny, we each have our own inclinations and we each other own individual ways of praying, connecting, doing the work of the divine. Each of us are different, so I’m not going to prescribe one particular religious tradition and say this is the be all and end all. 

In fact, there are various traditions all around the planet that all have gold, they all have gold, sometimes you have to sort through some brass in order to get to the gold, but if you keep digging, you’ll find it. 

Ok so now let me just make a little explanation of what it is to be a spiritual practitioner: In essence if you are spiritual practitioner you are trying to go beyond a normal consciousness, you’re trying to develop a more enlightened consciousness, a more enlightened mind. If you’re trying to develop a more enlightened mind then you are on the spiritual path. 

So that was my little message about the spiritual path and some of the traditions, there are multiple traditions around the planet who can help you overcome your egoistic identity, there are many traditions, but I would like to especially point out that some of the more mystic traditions, some of the more powerful traditions are still carrying on to this day. So, if you search you will find. 

And that is all for now I’m Jesus and I’ve been here for the longest time and I’ll be here for the longest time to come, all you need to do is pray to me or ask me “Jesus help me with this help me with that” and I will attend to you.