You weren’t meant to walk alone

By Mark Eck from

Soul is what we are. Soul is immortal. Soul exists because God loves it. Earth is a place that soul comes to, to learn it’s lessons and to able to express love.

You enter a dark room and flick the switch. Electricity powers the bulb so you don’t have to fumble in the dark. Electricity you can’t see it but you know it exists by its effect. In this instance it appears as light. Electricity can also power tools, which helps us get things done more quickly. Spirit is like electricity. You can’t see it. To know that it exists, you have to see the effects from it being applied.

Alot of times spirit is subtle but it can go big as well. To start figure out one question you have for God. He will answer via spirit. Next get a notebook and write on the first page (my journal ). In this book you will record your thoughts, ideas, dreams and wants. At top of the page write your first question down for God. Then ask spirit to reveal the answer to you. It can take mere minutes or days. The answer can come from a book, tv, song, nature, dream or someone’s comment. It’s your job to pay attention to everything around you. Because the answer can come from anywhere. Even if you miss it, spirit will keep trying til you get it. Once you get it, then write it down in your journal with the full date and how the answer came to you. The more you do this the stronger will be the bond between you and spirit. If we are working on a problem in our life, it is our job to try and fix it. If we are not getting it done, quickly ask spirit for it’s help. Here’s a for instance. I have this big loose-leaf binder and the three rings are not lining up. It doesn’t lock right, way off. So I try to manhandle them together. No way. I couldn’t get them to meet. Tried a hammer. Hit both from the side in an attempt to get them to meet. Nope. This goes on for 10 minutes. I give up, so I ask spirit. Words in my head said strike the rings at their top. I do it 3 times. Each ring mates with it’s twin perfectly. In a million years I wouldn’t have figured that one out. Thank-you spirit.

Follow through, I learned from little league baseball. As you swing the bat keep it going around until the bat comes to rest on your left side, if you are a right hand hitter. I was good with the follow through, but super lousy as a hitter. In spiritual matters a follow through is important. It will keep you focused on your goal. Patience and follow through.

My first question to God was a big one. Is there a God??? For months I got no answer. Then one night I got my answer in a dream. That dream was a nightmare. Deep into my psyche it plucked a fear I had. This was a fear I didn’t pay much attention to. They say there are no atheists in foxholes. I concur because I was there in a way. This was an unspeakable terror. It felt real to me just as if I was awake. I screamed God God get me the hell out of here. Then I hear. How do you know there is a God? It was the question I put to God. I thought about it. Then I yelled IF IF there is a God get me the he’ll off this ship. Then I was released from the terror. So in my mind I was in big trouble. And God got me out of there. Thank-you. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I had my answer. Knowing something like that is a big release, a step into a secure unknown world. Your stronger now than you ever have been before.