Movie review of A Promised Place – I Wish To See You There



‘A Promised Place ~ I Wish to See you There,’ a movie written and composed by Marth. This beautiful, curiously relaxing film is essential viewing for anybody seeking to discover the Truth of our existence here on Earth. The storyline concerns a young man, Takeru, whose loving scientist father sends him 10,000 years back into the past to experience total Oneness, or instead ‘The Garden of Eden’; where everybody and everything is wholly One with God. From that time up until the present, Takeru realizes our relationship with Him has been almost forgotten as our habit of naming everything gradually, although falsely, blotted out that which is truly of God. Takeru meets the beautiful Tina and all the other inhabitants of this former world, who explains the Truth to him in great detail, showing him wonders that have long been forgotten. Eventually, Takeru must return to the present and although now filled with great wisdom, finds himself longing for his Tina, their reconciliation making a fitting end to a masterpiece of spiritual teaching. As a major work for this day and age, this glorious animation can be highly recommended, and carries well a vital message for those who seek the spiritual Truth.

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