Interview with John J. Spitzer, M.D., author of Finding God Again and Again

John J. Spitzer, M.D. is the author of Finding God Again and Again. He is a practicing pediatrician in private practice and also a clinical assistant professor in pediatric medicine. He lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with his wife, Anne, and has two young adult children, Tim and Patty.

With two young children and a loving wife, the stakes were high when John J. Spitzer found out his testicular cancer had returned after thirteen years. The relapse forced him to confront his mortality—and a second relapse drove the point home. The setbacks also gave him a great opportunity to become one with God.

In Finding God Again and Again, Spitzer looks back at how it took over twenty years of life experiences to realize that he had to feel God in his heart again—and not just think of God.

I recently had the chance to talk to John about his book, spirituality, and life experiences. In our conversation, John talks about the following:

  • His spiritual development over 20 years
  • How testicular cancer helped him grow his faith
  • Specific techniques John uses to let go and surrender his will to God to better understand what God wants him to do with his life, including in work and family situations
  • What John feared and did not fear when he confronted his own death
  • Advice John has for others who are going through difficult life challenges, including how to never feel alone, how to receive guidance, and how to find your purpose and faith during life challenges


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