Interview with Linda Hochstetler, author of 21 Days to Die: The Canadian Guide to End-Of-Life

Linda Hochstetler is a Buddhist Lay Chaplain, social worker, psychotherapist and author of 21 Days to Die: The Canadian Guide to End-Of-Life. During our conversation we discuss the following topics:

  • Practical advice for preparing for the death of a loved one (e.g., honoring preferences related to eating, finances, physical signs the person is ready to die)
  • Spiritual and mystical experiences she has witnessed (e.g., visions and communication with loved ones who have died)
  • Psychological preparation for death (e.g., managing family disagreements over end of life issues, steps to process grief, therapeutic  interventions to overcome a fear of death)

During the conversation Linda shares her wisdom, experiences volunteering at Hospice for persons in their final weeks and months of life, and how the death of her boyfriend at a young age affected her. While the topic of death is often sad, heavy, and painful, Linda speaks with lightness and passion. It is evident Linda has a true gift and calling helping other people navigate the challenges related to death, dying, and end of life care.

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