Q&A with Raine, author of Rainedrops Journey Through Time

1. What is Rainedrops Journey Through Time: Book Four about any why did you write it?

“Rainedrops Journey Through Time: Book Four” was a very compelling book for me to write. It was channeled by an ancient entity called Drexania and tells about the tragedies he went through in his life as well as the good that came out of his upbringing. Drexania was raised by a social outcast, a sorceress who taught him about the ‘oneness of all things on the earth.” She gave him access to higher learning and an understanding of how to utilize his gifts for the good of all living creatures in nature and how to help his fellow beings. It was a surprise for me that, as I wrote this book, I found that in a past life, I had lived as one of the characters. As the story unfolded, it gave lessons on how we can make choices for good or for bad and how we can redress wrongdoings through service, repentance and learning to love our fellow beings. I believe in today’s world, full of so much uncertainty and darkness, it will help lift the spirits of those who read it and help them have hope for their futures and fill their lives with love. It opens us up to new ways of accepting responsibility for ourselves and our actions and reminds us we have choices.

2. Your book deals with forgiveness, love, and loss. How do we balance forgiveness with expressing anger and/or dealing with injustice.

None of us are immune to anger or injustice, however, we have a choice. We can let those negative feelings eat us up inside and put us in our own prison of misery, or we can find it within in our being, our spirit, to have forgiveness. Suddenly, you find freedom of a type you have never found before. You are no longer in the misery prison you put yourself in with your own feelings, you have freed yourself from that darkness and brought light into your life and with it love, love for yourself and all those around you. Incidents of anger then become fleeting because anger has no power over you. You choose how you will react, and you accept responsibility for your own actions and feelings. In choosing forgiveness, you are set free, you grow, you love It is surprising how easy it becomes when you make those choices for yourself!

3. President Biden recently told the world he would not forgive the terrorists who killed 13 Americans in the military in Afghanistan. What advice would you have for President Biden regarding forgiveness?

Well, whether President Biden chooses to forgive the terrorists who killed 13 Americans in Afghanistan is something he has to live with. However he also has to live with the fact he left many Americans on the tarmac as they were trying to flee Afghanistan. Which action do you think is worse? There is something Jesus taught us all: if we cannot learn to forgive, how can He forgive us? Perhaps President Biden may wish to reflect on his actions and realize he is not without fault in the deaths and/or misery of others, and perhaps in forgiveness for others, he in turn may be forgiven.

4. Your book also talks about trusting the lessons within our pain. Can you provide an example from your life when you were in pain and what lesson you learned from that?

One important lesson that comes to mind is when I was very ill in the hospital. I was told I was dying, and my young daughter was told to say goodbye to me as I was wheeled into the theatre. She was inconsolable, and I made a very important promise to her – I promised that no matter what I had to go through, I would not leave her. I survived that theatre only to be compromised again a few nights later, and in the early hours of the morning the doctor wished to rush me back to surgery. However, I had now had three general anesthetics in six weeks and was very weak and extremely tired. I knew I would not have the energy to survive another surgery, so quickly and thankfully he heard me. Much was done in the way of tests, and I was diagnosed with a virulent superbug that was very rare. No one had yet survived this bug, and I was dying. However, they had a very toxic drug they could use to see if it helped. “Will you sign the papers? You are dying anyway,” I was asked. I signed the papers, and I went through three months of extreme pain and trauma with other significant procedures that were extremely traumatic. Towards the end of that time, I had an experience where my spiritual eyes saw a tunnel for me to enter and leave the tragedies of this world behind me. I so wanted to go into that tunnel, but I remembered a promise made to a loving daughter, and I made the decision to stay, not to leave this world. As time has passed, I can look back on twenty years now of great happiness with that loving daughter, and she brings such love and joy to me. Look what I would have missed out on if I had chosen to take the easy way out and leave this world behind me. Love helped me to survive all that pain, and I am so grateful for the life I have been given, the joyous experiences I enjoy. How blessed I feel. How blessed I am! And the pain is but a distant memory as I give thanks for my life and the love that surrounds me every day.

5. Your book also talks about life having great happiness and reward. What advice would you have for people to be more open to happiness.

When you open your spirit to happiness, you feel it within you. For you are here as a spirit in a human body to learn and experience life and to grow your being in this school we call earth. We all face both sadness and happiness, but when you do not open your spirit to growth, your happiness is often fleeting. Your body is your spiritual temple for your spirit to live in and be visited by the Holy Ghost. All you have to do is believe and ask, and it will be given to you. You will grow within through all your experiences, and you will know that only you can give yourself great happiness because it exists within you and is not conditional upon another giving it to you. The way you experience the happiness from others is on a much higher level and you will feel a deep thankfulness for those blessings.

6. Anything else (that you’d like to share or that you want readers to know?)

I have many eggs in my basket in addition to being an award-winning author. I am a Spiritual Medium, a Metaphysical Minister, an Osteopath and Cranio-Sacral Therapist, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, an Aromatherapist, an adult teacher and an Event Celebrant. I am a mother of two children and now widowed. I have even visited Heaven in a near-death-experience in my late teens. During that experience, I was resting on a bed of light, and an older lady dressed in a Victorian style of dress that one could imagine was cooking over a wood stove and lovingly tending to me. I knew that I should know her, but I did not know who she was, just that she was so caring and loving. I met Jesus who told me it was not yet my time, and he talked of my future, all of which has come true. Well, some twenty years would go by, and I found myself in a little town that I had once stayed with my great aunt, sister to my grandmother, when I was a child. I found in the Information Office two small booklets that my great aunt had written about the founding of this small town and how it grew, and there were such treasures inside, including photographs I had never seen before! One was of my father – he would have been about 12 years old – on the back of a hay-cart drawn by a horse. Interesting for me, there was a huge painting on the side of one of the buildings of this very scene. I saw photographs of my grandmother when she was a young child and, oh how my daughter looked just like her. There were photographs of her in her teens and as a young woman, and suddenly tears were pouring down my cheeks as I recognized without hesitation the older woman in Heaven who had cared for me when I had been so ill. She was my great-grandmother, and I had never seen a photograph of her before. I was engulfed in the love she poured over me when I was in Heaven, and she was dressed exactly how I remembered her. So you see, you, each of you, are so loved even by those you have not yet met on this earth.