How Spiritual Meditation Can Lead to Better Sleep

Sleep is so important to your overall health and wellness. Without it, you lose out on being rested and rejuvenated enough to fully engage and thrive throughout the day. Unfortunately, millions of people experience this loss because they struggle with their sleep. 

Stress and anxiety are known to keep many of us up all night long. Our minds just can’t seem to quiet down enough to let us fall into a deep sleep. Fortunately, adding spiritual meditation to your bedtime routine can be an amazing solution for those battling insomnia and other sleep struggles. 

Spiritual meditation can help you get in touch with your inner peace, and that, in turn, puts you in a calmer state for better rest. Thus, spiritual meditation may be the solution to your sleepless nights. Let’s explore why below. 

Spiritual Meditation Can Help Those Struggling With Sleep 

When you’re struggling with sleep, it’s easy to turn to watching television or scrolling through social media until you fall asleep. But these activities only slow your journey to better sleep. Instead, try something that will center your thoughts and emotions, calm your nervous system, and assist you in sinking deeper into peace.   

Spiritual meditation is known for healing the physical body but also for centering you mentally and emotionally. Its ability to positively influence your internal dialogue and state of being eases the many anxieties that build up throughout the day. As a result, you tap into a calmer state of mind and being. 

Spiritual meditation requires you to focus on your breathwork and the mind-body connection to achieve the calm, centered state needed for healthy sleep. Once there, it becomes easier to release the stress, tension, and negativity that give rise to the anxiety that contributes to an inability to sleep.  

Now that you have a little more insight into how spiritual meditation can help those struggling with sleep, the next step is putting it into practice. 

Three Tips for Practicing Spiritual Meditation Before Bed 

You won’t see the sleep benefits of spiritual meditation without consistent practice. The more intentional and committed you are in your spiritual meditation efforts, the better chance you have at seeing if it is indeed the solution to your sleep struggles.  

Here are three tips for practicing spiritual meditation before bed for the best sleep results.

Eliminate distractions before and after  

As stated above, it’s easy to distract yourself with television and social media when you know you’re unlikely to fall asleep. Although many people let their TV act as background noise and rock them to sleep, it’s best to eliminate these and other distractions before practicing spiritual meditation. 

Do the following to eliminate distractions before your meditation: 

  • Silence your phone and turn it on ‘do not disturb’. 
  • Turn the television, music, or other audio off. 
  • Shut your windows to mitigate any neighborhood noise. 
  • Turn off any distracting lights and accessories. 
  • Use the restroom and complete the other parts of your bedtime routine.
  • Power down your computer or laptop. 
  • Silence any other tech devices and notifications. 

Also, once you complete your spiritual meditation before bed, ensure distractions are kept to a minimum after your session. Refrain from things like interacting with any technology or fixing a snack. Instead, go straight to your bed and settle in, so there aren’t any interruptions in your flow.   

Next, practice your spiritual meditation in a cool room. 

Practice in a cool room 

There is plenty of scientific research out there that proves our bodies are made to sleep in cooler environments. Sleeping in cool temperatures results in deeper sleep, boosted levels of HGH and Melatonin, and the release of anti-aging properties. A cool environment is fantastic for sleep and makes meditation pleasant as well.  

So, adjust your room temperature to between 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, practice your spiritual meditation on a cooling mattress. A cooling mattress can give you optimal results from spiritual meditation because it draws heat from your body and improves air circulation in the room. This makes it easier to be fully present in spiritual meditation rather than distracted and irritable because you’re just too hot. 

Another tip for practicing spiritual meditation before bed is to focus on designing the room you meditate in. 

Explore room designs that evoke calmness 

The room you choose to practice spiritual meditation in must be a careful, intentional decision. Choosing the most-used room in the house is obviously not the best choice for your spiritual meditation room. Neither is the room with the funky wall design and bold colors. Instead, choose a room that evokes calmness. 

For example, many people choose their bedroom to practice in because they find a sense of peace and tranquility. Additionally, they ready their bedrooms for spiritual meditation by organizing their furniture with feng shui design principles at the forefront. 

Feng shui design principles can help evoke feelings of calmness before bed. These principles are rooted in arranging furniture to improve the flow of energy and connection between people and their spaces. And these things can be especially beneficial in spiritual meditation. 


Ultimately, consistency, patience, and commitment are crucial to unlocking the power of spiritual meditation to better your sleep. 

Spiritual meditation can lead to better sleep because it can help you quiet your mind and release stress from your body, making it easier to reach deep sleep. 

So, start with the three tips above to practice spiritual meditation and let it guide you to your best sleep.