Livin’ on the Edge – A guide to your Abundance Seeds

Excerpt from Livin’ on the Edge, By Tinker McAdams
When I started this journey, which was forever ago, I knew I was a little different than most. My background into the unknown started at a very young age. Seeing and feeling things that others did not (or would admit to). You know how it is, seeing things that others don’t, hearing that little voice that others don’t hear.

There’s a presence out there that can touch you like nothing else. Some call this vibration; others refer to it as energy, Angels, Divine, Guidance or Source. Doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s there! This presence can give you the highest high, or the lowest low, it depends on how you listen. The trick is being able to harness into that highest high and go for the grandest ride of your life.

There is a way to become a part of this Energy inside you. You were born into it. There are connections to the other side that are all your own. You don’t have to have someone else do it for you! I’ve been in touch with my Guys for a long time and you can be in touch with yours too!

There are times that we all feel restless, that life could be more fulfilling and richer. Not with money per se (which has always been one of the main energy problems), but to be able to enjoy each day to a better attunement. To have more of a meaning. Knowing what myself and you have been through there had to be more to it, right?

Life should be more than a daily drudge. What I have been aware of in my own personal life has not been normal by any means.

Through this book you will experience what I’ve experienced firsthand and hopefully you can relate and use it to see into this Divine presence that will guide you in the right direction that is just for you. I’m saying this because everyone is different. We have our own ways of learning and interpreting. We all have some kind of special ability, but no two humans are the same.

In this book I also try to cover what I have learned in natural ways. Our Earth gives us a wide variety of healing. There is so much you can benefit from knowing what can help you heal mentally and physically.

Word of warning! I’m not your normal everyday person. In this book, I will tell stories, cuss, rant, dig, romp, stomp, voice and not pull any punches. I’m real. That’s what I want you to experience. The real down to earth every day working of coping and making the best of what life has to offer through the help of your own Guys, the ones that are the wonderful presence that can help you with your endeavors. I’ll try my best to put things in layman terms so this little book can help you through whatever you need.

This is my story. The life lessons that has been given to me and there are many! How you can in your own time, learn to listen to the ones that are trying to help you, guide you, that little voice that beckons you to listen, feel that presence and make decisions that can turn your life around. Whether it’s money, love, or health or just knowing who you truly are. You can be guided by those that can see and will always do their best to make the right decisions for you.

In the pages that follow, I will try to cover any and all things having to do with how you feel, the reason why and maybe touch a nerve or awaken a sense that may help you with your journey. Life is about being happy. It’s hard to explain sometimes but there is this Energy, unexplainable vibration that can be tapped into. It’s being a part of the Universe that you never realized was there for you. Just for you!

Have you ever had a moment when this feeling came over you and it was so strong that it made your hair feel like it was standing on end? A moment when you were so in tune with the world around you that there was a feeling on being invincible? That is it! That is something that you can experience everyday of your life. To be able to wake up in the morning and have a feeling that you are so glad to be alive! Once you are in this realm of living, it does not matter about money or power. It is all about knowing that you are beyond the normal, you are a Being that does not have to do as others do because there is a protection around you that no matter what happens you are taken care of, protected from whatever may arise in your life. Believe me when I say this, it is the most gracious, loving, and wonderful feeling. To know that there are others in the nonphysical that care so much about you they will step in and guide you to a life that is so worth living.

Hopefully, it can rouse you to the realization that doing good and being in touch with what is whispered in your ear, or what you feel can and does advance you in this physical form you are in at this moment to a better way to understand and be one on one with the non-physical.  This book is written as though you are sitting with me and we are talking face to face.

My Guys have a lot to say, and through this book you will get firsthand what is out there for you through them. They are the reason this is all happening. They want you to know that everything you could possibly have, or any questions there may be, they can help.