Interview with Dana Lord Lewis, founder of Energy Think

Dana Lord Lewis is the founder of Energy Think, where she teaches Applied Energetics. Energy Think equips individuals with the skills to consciously manifest deep desires through understanding the principles of energy. Prior to founding Energy Think, Dana worked as a Manhattan corporate lawyer. In our conversation, Dana and I talk about the following:

  • How Dana incorporates authenticity into her life through source flow energy
  • How practicing law was out of alignment with what she really wanted in life and how working with energy to help people is what makes her truly happy
  • How I transitioned from being an unhappy to lawyer to living more authentically as a psychologist and running Spiritual Media Blog
  • How to feel happy and alive when we are questioning ourselves and unsure whether we should pursue our dreams
  • How guilt is inconsistent with our natural state of well-being
  • How Dana uses principles of Applied Energetics to help others overcome blocks and be more aligned with what they want to create in life

Throughout the conversation, Dana’s passion and authentic happiness comes across in not only her answers but also the thoughtful questions she asked me. Throughout our conversation, her insights and questions helped me feel more aligned and connected to what really makes me feel alive and energized.

For more information about Dana Lord Lewis, please visit her website at You can also connect with her Instagram at