How to Access Afterlife Memories

By Eli Bliliuos

As human beings we are always searching for answers. As we age, we contemplate life and death. Regardless of whether we are religious or not, the mystery of death can invoke fear. There are many different beliefs when it comes to the hereafter, but most faiths include some belief in an existence after death. What if there was a way to access afterlife memories?

Dé·jà vu

Those who believe in past lives point to Dé·jà vu and intense connections with people we have just met, as proof of prior lifetimes. Most of us have had the experience of visiting a place that seems so familiar, or meeting someone for the first time but feeling like we’ve known them our entire lives. Some of us chalk this up to coincidence but the experience can leave us curious as to why. 

Reincarnation and Karma 

There are those who believe that we incarnate over and over again to learn and grow, or because karma needs to be addressed. The premise is, that we are meant to experience different challenges in order to grow as a soul. Those who believe in karma, subscribe to the idea, that the challenges we face are a way of balancing the books for past mistakes. Either way, most believe that there is a review of the most recent life prior to incarnating again. 

How to Remember Prior Lives

It is possible to remember past life experiences through the use of hypnosis. A skilled past life regression practitioner can guide clients into hypnosis and access the unconscious mind, where these memories are stored. Clients are guided into formal hypnosis by following the verbal instructions of the hypnotist. A combination of guided imagery, breathing techniques, confusion, body relaxation, and overload techniques helps to guide a patient into a hypnotic trance. 

How are Memories Experienced in Hypnosis

People experience past life memories in a number of ways. Memories can be triggered by a combination of thoughts, emotions, visualizations, sensations in the body, and intuitions. A client might begin to feel very cold and then realize they are experiencing a past life memory outside during a snowstorm. Alternatively, a patient might start to cry, later realizing that the emotional release was triggered by the death of a child in a past life. 

Do I Incarnate with the same people?

As a past life regression progresses clients are typically able to remember and experience detailed accounts of the past lives lived. It is not uncommon to recognize people who we interact with in past lives, as family members, romantic partners, and friends that we know now. It is also possible to identify past life names, ethnicities, and careers. 

Memories of Dying 

Most past lives end with a death scene. Regardless of the way the person dies in the past life, most clients are calm and at peace with the transition. Very often the soul exits the body and hovers above, noticing the body below, prior to moving on. This phase also includes a reflection of the past life and an acceptance of the transition into a soul. Most past life regressions end here. To experience afterlife memories, a life between lives regression is commonly required. 

Transition into the Afterlife

While clients may have unique imagery as they make their way up to the next phase of the afterlife, most are greeted by important souls that they have incarnated with. It is often comforting to reconnect with souls who the client knew as family and friends. As souls are welcomed back, the initial contact is almost always festive in nature. 

What are Guides?

It is also common to interact with a mentor, or guide of sorts. This guide helps the client’s soul to accept the transition, reflect on the last life lived, and decide on the next steps and incarnation. Next steps might include review of the progress made with a group of experienced and wise souls. They provide positive feedback and gently point out areas of opportunity for growth.  

How is the next lifetime chosen?

Choosing the next incarnation involves help from seasoned souls who can suggest the best opportunities for growth. Since we learn from every challenge, it is not uncommon for them to suggest lifetimes that include medical issues or financial difficulties. In the human form it is difficult to understand why we are faced with certain difficulties but in the soul state we agree to these challenges so that we can grow spiritually. 

How can You Access Afterlife Memories?

Life between lives regression (L.B.L.) sessions go even further then a past life regression and  can help you access afterlife memories. An L.B.L. typically includes memories from the womb prior to birth, memories from the most recent past life, and detailed memories from the afterlife. These sessions can be profound and enlightening. At a minimum, an L.B.L. can help you come to terms with the loss of a loved one and/or allay fears related to death. With that said, most clients experience a profound shift after having a life between lives regression session. If you are curious about the afterlife, consider seeking out a seasoned regression specialist.