Be Creative: Intuition and Procrastination

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We’ve all been there to a situation wherein we need to delay things or in a situation wherein we need to act immediately, right? With that, it could be challenging to be creative on every single thing we do, even with the simplest tasks like choosing a slot from Book of Ra. Even online gaming such as this could be affected if we aren’t that creative enough. 

Delaying things and acting immediately both have its impact on one’s actions. Indeed, procrastination and intuition play a significant role in turning someone’s creativity into reality. Both have positive and negative impacts on one’s life. And we’ll talk about them here! 

What Is Procrastination?

Procrastination is defined as the act of delaying or putting certain tasks on hold until the last minute or even past the deadline. It is also considered as a form of self-regulation failure, which is characterized by the irrational delay of tasks despite possible negative consequences. 

Whatever types of procrastination it may be, procrastination might have a major impact on your life, and it could greatly affect your creativity as well. 

But why do most people still procrastinate, knowing that there are consequences in the end? Well, some of the reasons are the following:

  • They actually don’t know how to do something. 
  • People don’t have any idea what should be done. 
  • They don’t really want to do such a certain thing. 
  • Most people are not in the mood to do it. 
  • They aren’t worried at all if it gets done or not. 
  • People believe that cramming can make them finish tasks better. 
  • They also lack the initiative to do so. 
  • People tend to forget things that should be done. 
  • Many would want to wait for the right time. 
  • And others would delay tasks in order to focus on completing another task first. 

And there are more other reasons why many of us would choose to procrastinate. And eventually, these reasons could greatly affect you from being creative and doing the task right and on time. 

What Is Intuition?

On the other hand, to define intuition, it is the feeling in your gut once you instinctively know that something you are doing is either wrong or right. It is the ability to get knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning. 

Intuition could offer a reduction in overall cognitive load as well as the ability to instantly respond while rendering confidence in the knowledge and decision making. Indeed, we could say that intuition is important. It helps people to survive by offering fast responses, which also lead to appropriate and immediate action to deal with the situation. 

Procrastination vs. Intuition: Which One Will Make You Creative?

Procrastination is about delaying a certain task, while intuition refers to immediate action. However, if you are trying to be creative, which of these two seem to be the right option? Would you be creative enough if you delay doing your task, or will you achieve creativity if done immediately? 

Like intuition, creativity can also be challenging to define. But they both appear to involve a transformation of ideas to something valuable, novel, and tangible in communicating ideas as well as solving problems. Indeed, first intuition is powerful, and it could lead to amazing and creative insights, however, that doesn’t mean that you trust your intuition and follow it blindly. Still, it is important to use your common sense and a balance of rationality as well. 

Nevertheless, procrastination isn’t always about holding you back like the fact that intuition is always about immediate action. Why? Well, because there are various reasons why embracing procrastination leads to creativity as well. These reasons are the following:

  • Procrastination could calm your impulse to act in haste. Remember, taking immediate steps isn’t always a wise move. In some cases, it is best to take your time, and this would give you the chance to evaluate and think about things through.  
  • Procrastination also channels intuitive wisdom. It could be the wavelength used by the mind and introverted intuition to communicate with you that you should not be doing something or give more time to it. 
  • Also, it helps you in resisting peer pressure. Procrastination is the best way to clear your own path, and it is a passive response. 
  • Procrastination also helps in managing pointless deadlines. It lets you set your own pace and could keep you from wasting time doing unnecessary things quickly. 
  • If you are not actively working on something, your mind is collecting ideas and processing things subconsciously. 
  • Time brings clarity, and you can set your own priorities with procrastination. 

Still, bear in mind that procrastination could be damaging, and some decisions must be made quickly, so intuition is needed most. However, if given the opportunity in a timely manner, procrastination means a lot as well. And take note, your procrastination might be your intuition trying to redirect you and make you a lot more creative in most ways. Did you manage to experience any type of procrastination? How did it help become more creative? Share your opinion in the comments below! 

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