Why Should You Have Candles In Your Prayer Room?

Candles are not just a source of providing light to the outer world, but they also bring light inside a person as candles remove darkness from inside a person by providing a feeling of calmness during prayer. When one uses candles for praying, it makes them remember God because God is light. 

There are so many benefits of using candles in your daily routine, for example; you can use them for meditation or decorating your prayer room. Some of the benefits of using candles while praying are mentioned below in this article. So, stick with us till the end!

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  • Rarer Distractions

One of the most valuable advantages of using candles is that they reduce distractions. Although some people possess the ability to pray while listening to TV, for most people, flashing lights and loud noises are a distraction which reduces their concentration on their prayer. 

Hence, dimmed lights in the prayer room can provide a better experience, but candles serve best as they provide dimmed lighting for praying, and you don’t get distracted by worldly affairs. 

  • More Calming Environment 

The flickering flame of candles is best utilized for bringing a sense of calmness to our souls. Candles are also used for therapeutic purposes by numerous people, and they have the same effect on our prayer life. The reason is that without a calm and satisfied heart, you can’t pray properly.

  • Recall The Ancient History Of Christian Prayer

In the old days, when there was no electricity, Christians used candles for praying in churches. This historical past of Christianity has a beautifully rich side, remembering all those Christians who used candles to fulfill their faith. 

  • Remind Us About The God’s Presence

According to the book of Nikolaus Gihr, candles represent God. God is the light that banishes darkness, and by following God’s path, we can bring calmness and happiness to our lives. 

Besides this, according to the principles of Christians, candles represent the dignity of Jesus Christ. So, while praying, we use the light of candles to remind us of our God. 

  • An Elegant Decorative Item

The flickering light of candles looks so beautiful, and this is why they are also used for decorative purposes. The majority of churches are decorated with candles so that when anyone visits the church, the candles’ calmness could be transferred to them.

The Final Words:

These are the benefits of using candles for prayer purposes. Though you have used candles in your daily routine for different reasons, using them for prayer brings extraordinary comfort inside. Also, the candle’s light gives positivity and the feeling that everything will be alright as God is always listening to you and helping you in difficult times.